21 best Christmas gifts for her

Always get the Christmas gifts for your other half wrong, year after year? Never fear – our top picks of Christmas gift options for women will set you on the path to festive success

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Christmas brings with it a dizzying variety of gift options. But how to pick from this year's offerings when there's such a wide choice, particularly if you don't have a great track record at buying for your wife/partner/mum/best friend? Sweat not, we've lined up the best of the best, from luxury pyjamas to fragrances and home gifts, helping you save time – and time in the returns' queue.

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1. Slippers – you can('t) go wrong

What better time to give gifts that promote relaxation and a sense of wellbeing than Christmas? It’s almost as if Christmas + cosy slippers + silk pyjamas were made for each other. If you can pick items that also look amazing, too, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Good-quality fluffy slippers are a failsafe gift option. UGG Australia make some of the most luxurious sheepskin slippers (below) out there; available at Amara.

Ugg women's slippers

(Image credit: Amara)

2. Give her some beautifying shut-eye

Stop press: silk has been revealed to be anti-ageing and skin-soothing, as well as lovely to the touch, which makes silk eye masks the triple-whammy of gifts (just don't lean over and say 'it's anti-ageing, love', as she opens it). 

Our favourite find is the tropical-themed Bird Luxury Silk Eye Mask (below) by Sara Miller. A cheerful reminder of summer in mid-winter? Yes, please. 

Sara Miller luxury silk eye mask

(Image credit: Sara Miller)

More beautiful silk eye masks:

3. Pajamas – but not budget ones

Forget comfy pajamas your nanna wouldn't be out of her comfort zone in (unless that is, the woman you're shopping for is your nanna), if you’re ready to splash out, a silk PJ set will be both luxurious and comfortable – and, if it is good quality, it will last ages. 

The White Company will not be beaten on their silk PJs, and why not add a Cashmere Tipped Robe for extra brownie points? Oh yes you should.

The White Company Contrast Piped Silk PJ Set £169 and Long Cashmere Tipped Robe £298

(Image credit: The White Company)

More luscious silk PJ sets:

4. Dare you opt for a home buy?

Choosing gifts for someone’s home has always been a bit of a taboo, but we'd say avoiding Christmas-themed gifts – reindeer sculpture, anyone? – and matching the present to their home's style will crack it.

For lovers of bright colour (and cats!), our pick is the delightful Cleo Cushion. Will your friend/loved one/gran love it or hate it? If you know their stance on Marmite, you’re good to make the choice. 

Cleo cushion

(Image credit: Crowdyhouse)

More cat-themed cushions:

5. Cyclist in the family? Look no further

For cycling junkies, the Collect and Scratch Alpine Cycle Climbs Map is a perfect combination of wall art and memorabilia. It looks good, too.

Collect & Scratch Alpine Cycle Climbs Map Print

(Image credit: Maps International)

More fun map prints:

6. Get that shelfie ready

Reindeer ornaments are out, but a modern, neutral vase is always a winner because it's useful and good-looking. 

The striking Tall Ceramic Vase with Painted Face by Madam Stoltz will suit all rooms and decor schemes. 

Madam Stoltz Large Ceramic Vase with Face

(Image credit: Liberty )

More tall ceramic vase options:

As far as art prints go, we think abstract or animal/botanical prints work best as gifts – and they look fab on a gallery wall. The Beetle in the Rain Art Print from The Curious Department is colourful but understated.   

The Curious Department - Beetle In The Rain Art Print, from £10

(Image credit: The Curious Department)

More pretty botanical prints: 

8. Pick a go-anywhere sweater

Who would say no to a quality jumper? Not us, and we're really quite fussy.

The Funnel Neck Jumper with Alpaca from The White Company is a perfect addition to the winter wardrobe, cosy enough for Christmas at home, and smart enough to wear to work. 

The White Company Funnel Neck jumper with alpaca

(Image credit: The White Company)

9. Artwork, but on a shirt

The delightfully relaxed shirts from Paloma Wool are certain to appeal to all ages and tastes.

Paloma Wool shirt

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More women's shirts that will make great gifts:

10. Golden rings: could they be more Christmassy?

Accessories make great Christmas gifts: easier to choose than clothing – and simpler to personalise (which makes it look like you've made more of an effort). 

The Family Tree Signet Ring by Jana Reinhardt Jewellery is dainty and can be personalised with an engraving and a choice of birthstones. Available at Not On The High Street. 

Family Tree Signet Ring

(Image credit: Not On The High Street)

11. A cute clutch bag to stuff in the stocking

Because no one can ever have enough handbags, the Kurt Geiger Velvet Kensington handbag (opulent and festive, by the way) is sure to get many outings during the festive period and beyond.

Selfrdiges Exclusive Kurt Geiger London Velvet Kensington 1 £150

(Image credit: Selfrdiges)

More quilted handbags: 

12. Perfume – the overlord of Christmas gifts

We're not saying you can't go wrong with perfume (picture the scene, the unwrap a fresh, green scent only to declare they only like musky aromas), BUT it's pretty hard to trip up when you buy a selection of perfume minis, saying (strategically) 'something for every occasion' as they unwrap. 

We like the gorgeous Essential collection of bestselling fragrances from Frederic Malle.

The Essentials Collection by Frederic Malle

(Image credit: Frederic Malle)

More perfume mini gift sets:

13. Everything that glitters IS gold

Wandering around the beauty section of a department store can be like waking up in a safari park on the warders' day off. Where to go? How to get out alive? Our advice? Swap real shopping for being guided by us. Lo, we bring you a beauty gift that's all about the brand name and fancy packaging: the deliciously OTT Christian Louboutin Makeup set. Spiky, shiny and guaranteed to make an impression. Available at Selfdriges. 

Selfrdiges Christian Louboutin Collection

(Image credit: Selfridges)

14. Pick a thoughtful gift

If your mum/partner/friend already has all the silk pyjamas they need, or perhaps prefer less ostentatious gifts, think laterally. Our pick the ingenious Classic Poetry Subscription by Bespoke Verse (below) which comes as beautiful monthly prints – perfect for some quiet off-screen time. And if your giftee loves a read, don't miss our gifts for bookworms, too.

Classic Poetry Subscription

(Image credit: Not On The High Street)

15. Ideal for craft lovers (and travellers)

Another thoughtful (rather than glitzy) gift, the reusable travel mug painting kit by The Pottery Post comes with ceramic-friendly paint ready to be used at home. When they are done painting, it can be sent off to be fired, finished, and returned. You never know, they might give you the finished product next Christmas.

The Pottery Post painting kit

(Image credit: Not On The High Street)

16. Pick a tasteful frame for that wall print

No one can ever have too many photo frames; moreover, a really beautiful photo frame may well inspire them to finally put something up on the wall. 

The photo frames from Maisons du Monde are very chic and will go very nicely with that botanical print you bought them. 

photo frames from Maisons du Monde

(Image credit: Maisons du Monde)

More metal photo frames:

17. Help her stay organised with a pretty storage bag 

Whether she wears makeup or has lots of beauty products, travels a lot, or has limited bathroom storage, a good-looking cosmetic bag is always a gift winner. Pick one made from a nice material, such as cotton, and a pretty print. The Blackbird Bramble Cosmetic Bag from Thornback & Peel is guaranteed to please. 

Blackbird & Bramble Cosmetic Bag from Thornback & Peel

(Image credit: Thornback & Peel)

More cotton cosmetic bags:

18. Choose cool leggings to spice up her workout

Leggings are definitely back – and amen to that. Comfy and coming in an almost endless array of prints and colours, leggings are great for the gym, yoga sessions, or just hanging out at the local coffee shop (or the sofa, if it's one of those days). And, leggings being the ultimate casual wear, there's no need to play it safe. Go for a funky print and bright colours, because why not? 

We love the Space Leggings by StarSeedTribe – a bit crazy, but so pretty. Available at Etsy.

Space Leggings by StarSeedTribe

(Image credit: Etsy)

More space leggings:

19. A gorgeous watch in a trendy rose gold finish

Yes, it's true that everyone just checks the time on their phones nowadays, but a beautiful watch is still a lovely gift – we think that everyone secretly wants one, but rarely would buy one for themselves.

Our top tip when choosing a watch for her is to avoid overly ornate or girly designs (unless you are confident that's her taste). Pick something slick and modern, like the lovely La Garconne Rose Gold Watch from Cluse. It's actually made from stainless steel, and is only £89, but looks expensive and is very gift-worthy. 

La Garconne watch in rose gold from Cluse

(Image credit: Cluse)

20. Give her the gift of beautiful, soft curls

Anyone with longer hair likes to experiment with waves and curls, fact. Some like putting a wave through their hair every day, while others only get the curling tongs out for special occasions. Whatever their preference, they'll love the Soft Curl Tong Gift Set by GHD, which includes a paddle brush and handy hair clips. Available at John Lewis.

GHD Soft Curl Tong Gift Set

(Image credit: GHD)

21. Give her a beauty accessory that looks great, too

Let's face it: not all beauty gifts are equally exciting. We can promise you your giftee doesn't want a Radox bubble bath for Christmas (even if you've got plenty in your bathroom). Instead, get a beauty gift that looks nice enough to go on top of the vanity/dressing table. A Rose Quartz face roller will do nicely – it's pretty, easy and pleasant to use (you literally roll it all over your face), and is good for the skin (or so they say). We can't think of anyone who'll be able to entirely resist it. 

White Lotus rose quartz roller

(Image credit: White Lotus)

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