Best bunk beds: 6 stackable sleep solutions for kids and adults

These best bunk beds are ideal when bedroom space is on the small side. Why not build upwards instead of outwards? Here are the best fun and convenient sleeping solutions for kids

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Looking for the best bunk bed for your kids' room? Bunk beds are a must if you're designing a shared bedroom that's on the small side. While they're known more for their practicality than their design, bunk beds have come a long way and it's now more than possible to pick up a piece that fits with the rest of your interior scheme, while still maximising space. 

Browse our pick of the best bunk beds to make the process of buying a bed easier, or visit our best kids' beds buyer's guide for more recommendations. Find out more about how to design a kid's room in our practical guide.

What is the best bunk bed you can buy?

We think the best bunk bed to spend your money on is the Cuckooland The Edit Bunk Bed. It's stylish, practical, available in a range of colours and the ladder can be on the left or right depending on room shape. Read our full review below.

Not got time to read the whole guide? We've listed our top three bunk beds below, along with their cheapest prices. 

How to buy the best bunk beds


If you're planning on buying a bunk bed for younger children, be careful about the height: too tall and you might find that your little one will be fearful of climbing the ladder. Also, you'll need to ensure that your child can comfortably climb into and sit up straight in the bed, without fear of hitting their head on the ceiling. Many bunk beds for young kids are designed to be lower than an adult sized bunk beds, however, which is an option to look out for.

Guard rails

If your child is a restless sleeper, a sturdy guard rail is a must have.


Can the bunks be split down into two twin beds once your children move into their own rooms? If you're buying for one child, is there an option for a desk beneath the bunk, or a fold out chair to create a sleepover space for guests?


The ladder is usually fixed, but how easy is it to climb? 


Best bunk bed you can buy: The Edit bunk bed cuckooland

1. Cuckooland The Edit Bunk Bed

Best bunk bed you can buy: style meets functionality with this bunk bed

Best for: All-rounder
Material: Solid beech
Size: H162cm x W99cm x L200cm
Reasons to buy
+Available in a range of colours+Ladder can be on left or right
Reasons to avoid
-We can't think of any!

Ideal for siblings or sleepovers, this contemporary style bunk bed features two full sized single beds linked by a solid beech ladder. Choose from white, red, grey and oak to suit your colour scheme. Although some may think it's pricey, once your little ones get big, you can convert the bunk bed into two single beds to see them through their teenage years. The best bunk bed you can buy, bar none.

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Best bunk bed for small rooms: Stompa Originals (with optional trundle)

2. Stompa Originals (with optional trundle)

Best bunk bed for small rooms: this simple and modern bunk bed features plenty of space

Best for: Sleeping space
Material: Wood
Size: H161.2cm x W105.1cm x L208.2cm
Reasons to buy
+ Three beds in one piece of furniture + Extra long single for growing children 
Reasons to avoid
- Plain design 

For siblings who need to share, the Stompa Originals bunk bed from John Lewis & Partners makes an ideal sleep solution. First of all, there’s almost a metre of headroom between the bottom and the top bunk, which prevents whoever gets the bottom from feeling boxed in. The white design also makes them pretty universal, meaning they'll work in a space with almost any interior scheme. On top of all this, the option for a third, pull out bed means there's plenty of space for friends who want to sleep over. 

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Best statement bunk bed: Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed

3. Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed

Best statement bunk bed: a bunk bed for a standout bedroom

Best for: Younger kids
Material: Wood
Size: H221cm x W220cm x L132cm
Reasons to buy
+Unique design+Functioning as the focal point of a scheme+Fun for children
Reasons to avoid

Looking to transform your kids' bedroom into a truly unique space? It doesn't get much better than this gorgeous Mathy by Bols Treehouse Bunk Bed from Cuckooland. Designed to look like a tree house, its statement design makes the perfect centrepiece for a space with a whimsical or outdoors inspired scheme. Handmade in Belgium and available in 27 different colours, you can be sure no-one else will have a bed quite like it. We think this is the best bunk bed for those shopping for an addition to a younger child's bedroom.

Best sleek bunk bed: John Lewis Morgan Story Time Bunk Bed

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

4. John Lewis Morgan Story Time Bunk Bed

Best sleek bunk bed: with timeless durability, this is the best bunk bed for those after something simple

Best for: Simple design
Material: Wood
Size: H175.6cm x W98.6cm x L199.2cm
Reasons to buy
+Simple and sturdy design+Plenty of headspace between top and bottom bunk
Reasons to avoid
-Simple design may not be for everyone

Perfect for those seeking a stylishly understated bunk bed, the gorgeous oak frame of the  Morgan Story Time Bunk Bed from John Lewis & Partners makes for a sturdy and durable choice. 

It's simple silhouette and commitment to quality makes this bed a must buy for those seeking quality. Plenty of headroom for the bottom-bunker makes it perfect for parents and children to enjoy story time, too.

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Best bunk bed for contemporary design: La Redoute Alceste Oak Bunk Beds

5. La Redoute Alceste Oak Bunk Beds

Best bunk bed for contemporary design: stylish Scandi (but still super practical) design

Best for: Contemporary design
Material: Oak
Size: H160cm x W105cm x L204 cm
Reasons to buy
+Cute Scandi design +You can add a third pull out bed
Reasons to avoid
-No storage

Looking for a bunk that suits your style but is also a fun sleep space for your kids? We reckon this could be the one. Straight lines, curved edges, and a load of Scandi vibes, this bunk bed from La Redoute ticks all the boxes. Plus you can also add a third pull-out bed for guests by buying the Alceste bed drawer.  Our pick of the best bunk bed for contemporary homes.

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Best bunk bed for value: Comfy Living 3ft Single & 4ft Small Double Bunk Bed

6. Comfy Living 3ft Single & 4ft Small Double Bunk Bed

Best bunk bed for value: sleeps three for the price of one – quite literally

Best for: Value for money
Material: Pine
Size: H140cm x W138cm x L199cm
Reasons to buy
+ Pocket friendly + Stable design 
Reasons to avoid
- Doesn’t come with mattresses 

When you’ve an older child sharing with a younger child, this bunk bed from Comfy Living is a great buy. With the youngest at the top and the eldest by default having the small double below, the design of this bed can certainly warm them to the idea of sharing. If the bed is for single occupancy, the double provides more than enough room for two mates to share. This bunk bed proves that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to furnish your home and available in white or a neutral pine colour, it will look great as part of any bedroom design. Versatile, neutral, simple. In our opinion, this is the best bunk bed for those on a budget.

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