The best bunk beds for kids' rooms

When bedroom space is a little on the small side, the solution could be building upwards, not outwards. Check out our guide to the best kids' bunk beds for fun and convenient sleeping solutions

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As your family grows over time, the home you bought will probably feel like it’s shrinking before your very eyes. Suddenly, your mantra is all about optimising its existing space, taking the reluctant decision to consider practicality over interior design. 

When it’s time to move the littlest one out of your bedroom and into a dedicated kids' room, a reshuffle ensues and somehow you’ve got to move the middle child in with the eldest. Often the case is that the spare bedroom doesn’t quite have the capacity to house an extra bed, without you compromising on the current floor space. 

What to consider when buying bunk beds?

But, if you are planning on buying a bunk bed for younger children, be careful about the height: too tall and you might find that your little one will be fearful of climbing the ladder. Many bunk beds for young kids are designed to be lower than an adult sized bunk bed and also have the added bonus of coming in a range of exciting, novelty designs.

Another scenario that may be prompting you to look into purchasing a bunk bed is the eldest child somehow overnight has reached the age where suddenly it’s all about hoarding collectables, not being able to throw away clothes, while managing to acquire all sorts of junk that they always seem to find a use for. Storage becomes an issue, and suddenly the kitchen table isn’t a good enough place to do their homework, so a desk is required too. If this sounds familiar then bunk beds with an integrated desk and storage system is really the only way to go.

Then there are sleepovers. The kids raid the toy trunk of all the railway track they can find, build the biggest, most intricate layout they can possibly produce, then follows a picture of disappointment as they have to tidy it all away again to make space for the extra bed. So to avoid the need to clear floor space or indeed blow up the ever-uncomfortable inflatable bed for their little guests, a bunk bed is an ideal solution.

Traditionally, bunk beds are a little notorious for being boringly wooden and flimsy in design. But these days, they’re hybrid pieces of furniture that don’t just provide a place to sleep. They can transform from one purpose to another, produce extra beds out of nowhere while providing Narnia-like kids' bedroom storage solutions

1. Stompa Una (with trundle)

A simple, modern bunk bed

Best for: Sleeping space
Material: Wood
Size: H161.2cm x W105.1cm x L208.2cm
Reasons to buy
+ Three beds in one piece of furniture + Extra long single for growing children 
Reasons to avoid
- Plain design 

When two siblings need to share, this Stompa Una bunk bed will make the transition as easy as possible. First of all, there’s almost a metre of headroom between the bottom and the top bunk, which means the children won’t suddenly go from facing an open expanse to being tightly hemmed in, making this an ideal bunk bed for taller children. The white design makes the bunks pretty universal, allowing the beds to synchronise with any kids' room design from space age to animal kingdom. And when their best friend from next door decides to pop over for a film night, the Stompa Una has a great trick up its sleeve – slide open the bottom drawer, and you’ll find a trundle – for that incredibly convenient third bed. And to top it off, if the day comes round when they want a twin set-up over a bunk, the bed separates to form two singles- a winner in our book.  

Bazin Futon Bunk Bed

(Image: © Wayfair)

2. Bazin Futon Bunk Bed

A sleeper and a lounger all in one

Best for: Older kids
Material: Metal
Size: H163cm x W161cm x L201cm
Reasons to buy
+ Futon converts into a double bed + Great for sitting and relaxing 
Reasons to avoid
- No additional storage 

Sometimes it’s nice to come home and plonk yourself down on the sofa, especially after a long day, and the same goes for the kids too. If they’ve got a television in their room this bunk bed does a great job of providing a comfortable place to sleep at night and lounge during the day. The futon folds out to form a double bed – so whether there’s one mate or two, there’s enough room to sleep them all spaciously without having to fight with air mattresses or camp beds. While the design doesn’t include any storage facility, there’s a handy 22cm gap between the futon and the floor, providing enough space to slide a storage container or unused items underneath.  

3. Happy Beds Paddington Black and Walnut High Sleeper Bunk

For when space really is at a premium

Best for: Storage
Material: Wood
Size: H194.5cm x W95.5cm x L150cm
Reasons to buy
+ Includes wardrobe to store clothing + Handy desk space for school work 
Reasons to avoid
- Bed space is smaller compared to other bunks 

We call this bed small but perfectly formed – and it is. The designers really have gone to town, creating a bunk bed that utilises every single centimetre of its square meterage to the max. From wardrobe space (that may or may not be used!), to enough desk space for a laptop and a school book – this bunk is almost the gift that keeps on giving.  When all of the necessary furniture for a child or teenagers bedroom is compacted into one space, it leaves ample room for toys and playing games. As we’ve already mentioned, the bed is on the smaller side, so you’re looking at the perfect pre-teen place to sleep, and with a range of mattresses to choose from, you can optimise this bed to create the highest level of comfort. 

4. Julian Bowen London Bus Single Bunk Bed

Make bedtimes fun with this novelty bunk bed

Best for: Novelty
Material: Wood
Size: H136cm x W108cm x L200cm
Reasons to buy
+ Playful design + Makes bedtime fun 
Reasons to avoid
- Bottom bunk a little penned it – not for all 

While it’s not quite the Knight Bus from Harry Potter, with a little imagination, bedtime can become an attractive game rather than part of a boring routine. With its novelty design, this is a must for vehicle fanatics and makes a great accompaniment to car wallpapers, printed play mats and their miles of racetrack. Also, if your children are struggling to come to terms with sharing a room, the promise of sleeping in a big red bus could certainly increase the attraction. Squabbles over who takes the top bed and who takes the bottom can be equalled out by the addition of a steering wheel on the lower half, while the idea of making up games before going to sleep could suddenly see an increase in inquisitive friends coming round for sleepovers.  

5. Comfy Living 3ft Single & 4ft Small Double Bunk Bed

Sleeps three for the price of one – quite literally

Best for: Value for money
Material: Pine
Size: H140cm x W138cm x L199cm
Reasons to buy
+ Pocket friendly + Stable design 
Reasons to avoid
- Doesn’t come with mattresses 

When you’ve got an older child sharing with a younger child or sleepovers are always a no-no because there’s just too much hassle in arranging bed space, this is a great buy. With the youngest at the top and the eldest by default having the small double below, the design of this bed can certainly warm them to the idea of sharing. If the bed is for single occupancy, the double provides more than enough room for two mates to share. This bunk bed proves that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to furnish your home and available in white or a neutral pine colour, it will look great as part of any bedroom design. Versatile, neutral, simple.

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