The best Boxing Day sales sofa bed deals 2018

The best time to splurge on a sofa bed is almost here. Find all of the best Boxing Day sofa bed deals here

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Looking for the perfect time to invest in a new sofa bed (or any new furniture in fact)? Boxing Day sales sofa bed deals aren't too far off, with lots of big ticket items at heavily discounted prices. 

Wondering how to find the best Boxing Day deals? Well, we've got plenty of budget sofa beds in our 2018 buyer's guides, but obviously you want to be sure you've got the best-priced sofa deal, right? Buying it here during the Boxing Day and January sales is your best option, as we'll be updating this page on a regular basis, giving you updates on the very best bargains. 

Meanwhile, we've got plenty of cheap sofa bed deals this month, or you can browse all the latest bargains we've found on our dedicated deals page

Head over to our Boxing Day and January sales deals hub page to see the latest and best deals.

How to buy the best sofa bed at the best price

We know that buying a sofa bed online can be nerve-wracking, but it's totally possible with our in-depth bed buying guides. Check them out below for lots of guidance, and the very best deals.

Buying guides:

WHEN Do the BOXING DAY 2018 sales start?

Boxing Day sales usually begin early (very early) on the 26th December, and is a day known for the biggest sales of the season. Ideal for spending all of that Christmas money...

What will Boxing Day sofa bed deals be like?

With homeware brands ever more attuned to the buzz of sales, you can expect big savings from some of the best sofa bed retailers out there, along with many more.

As usual, you'll be able to find a sofa bed deal via Amazon, Made, Wayfair and  John Lewis among others, but we can't foresee (yet) who will be slashing prices on what.

Are Boxing Day sofa bed savings real?

Of course, but... since many products' prices change frequently, checking the price history of what you're planning to buy on or PriceSpy is a good idea. They'll both tell you whether the savings are real or not, and whether a price is likely to re-occur.

How we'll help you find the best Boxing Day sofa bed deals

Finding an excellent deal is the trickiest part of any sale, including Boxing Day ones, as so many retailers jump on the bandwagon to offer huge savings making it difficult to know where to start looking.

The good news is that we’ll be providing you with a guide to the best Boxing Day sofa bed deals (and, since you ask, on everything for your home, including smart home tech devices, mattresses, furniture and more). That way, we’ll do the browsing and you can snap up the bargains.

Is my new sofa bed the right one for me?

How to choose a sofa bed? We know you're going to be pretty desperate to score that sofa bed deal of the century, but don't buy in a rush without making sure you're absolutely certain you've got the size right. Whether you want a small sofa bed to medium, large or even a corner version; consider how each will fit in your living room layout by using masking tape or newspapers to create cutouts on the floor. 

Always remember to allow for the footprint of the sofa bed when measuring, and note the measurements from the back of the sofa to the end of the sleeping area, not just the bed’s dimensions. Also, always check that the sofa bed can fit through your front/back door, as there's nothing worse than ordering the sofa of your dreams, to find it won't actually fit into your house. 

Another good idea would be to check the size of the mattress, too, rather than judging sleep space by whether the sofa’s a two or three-seater. A big sofa doesn't always equate to a large bed, and a double mattress might be the perfect fit for a single sleeper, but if you've got a couple staying, they may not get a good night's sleep. 

You’ll also need to decide between a fold-out or pull-out sofa bed. Fold-out sofas tend to have a larger sleeping area, but won't have a headboard, if you're thinking of getting one of these, you might also want to add a mattress protector beneath the bedding to soften the seating/mattress and to protect it from spills. Pull-out sofa beds are a more affordable option, and may be all you need for occasional guests. They usually have two or three-fold mattresses: those that fold into three being thinner and less supportive than ones that fold into two, which will most likely be deeper and more comfortable.

Sofa beds come in both contemporary and traditional styles, so you won't have to compromise on it fitting with your decor. Long, low lines will create a modern vibe, while high-backed designs look more classic.

Forget style – what about the sofa bed's construction?

Sofa beds are made with the same fillings as sofas. Choose foam for a firmer seat; fibre for softness with support; or opt for plump feathers for the softest sofa. Fillings may also be combined for a balance of features. It's also worth noting that a sofa bed will feel firmer than a standard sofa, so be sure to try in store or shop with an online company that allows returns to ensure you’re happy to take a seat as well as put up visitors.

When it comes to the frame, just as with a sofa, look out for a hardwood frame that’s screwed as well as glued for long life. 

It's also a good idea to check the sofa bed's mattress for comfort. Some may be open or pocket sprung, or made from memory foam. Memory foam moulds to the body to create good support, but some people find it too warm. Pocket springs are more luxurious than open springs – and more costly – but they can help stop sleepers rolling together.