The best Boxing Day sales bed deals

Got your eye on a new bed? Discover the best Boxing Day sales bed deals here to spend your hard earned cash on, and you'll thank us later

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On the hunt for Boxing Day sales bed deals? A bed is a perfect sale buy because you can get so much more for your money. To be sure you get a great bed deal, buying here on Boxing Day and into January is your best option because we'll be updating this page on a regular basis with the latest bargains.  

Between now and then, we've got plenty of cheap bed deals for December, or you can browse all the latest bargains we've found on our dedicated deals page

Shop the cheapest deals in our Boxing Day and January sales deals hub page, where you can find deals and discounts on almost everything.

How to buy the best bed at the best price

We know that buying one online can be nerve-wracking, but it's totally possible with our in-depth bed buying guides. Check them out below for lots of guidance, and the very best deals.

Buying guides:

Best Boxing day mattress deals (to go with your new bed) 

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WHEN Do the BOXING DAY 2018 sales start?

Boxing Day sales usually begin early (very early) on the 26th December, and is a day known for the biggest sales of the season. Ideal for spending all of that Christmas money...

Boxing Day sales usually begin early (very early) on the 26th December, and is a day known for the biggest sales of the season. Ideal for spending all of that Christmas money...

What will Boxing Day bed deals be like?

With homeware brands ever more attuned to the buzz of sales, you can expect big savings from some of your most-loved retailers.

You should be able to buy beds via Amazon,  John Lewis,Dreams, Wayfair, Very and Debenhams to name a few. So, while we don't know what deals to expect from Boxing Day sales just yet, we think they're going to be worth the 6am wake up call.

Are Boxing Day sales bed deals real?

Yes, but... since many products' prices change frequently, checking the price history of what you're planning to buy on or PriceSpy will tell you whether the savings are real or not, and whether a price is likely to re-occur.

How we'll help you find the best Boxing Day sale bed deals

Finding the deals is the trickiest part of any sale. With so many retailers offering huge savings, it can be difficult to know where to start looking.

We’ll provide a guide to the best Boxing Day bed deals (and, since you ask, on everything for your home, including smart home tech devices, mattresses, coffee machines and more). That way, we’ll do the browsing and you can snap up the bargains.

Choosing the right size bed?

Choosing a new bed? Before you buy in a rush, desperate to score that brilliant bed deal, check you've got the size right. Its best to allow at least 45cm of free space either side of the bed for enough room to vacuum and change the sheets. Note that divan beds come in the same size as standard mattresses, and if you're ordering a bed with drawers underneath for storage, allow enough space for them to open. Bedsteads also require more room than divans.

For those who are looking for a bed to sleep two adults sharing, a king size or super king bed will provide a comfier night's sleep than a standard double. Both sleepers should always be able to lie on the bed with their hands behind their heads, elbows out and not touching. The bed should also be 10-15 cm longer than the tallest personal sleeping in it. 

Here are the choices:

  • Single: 90cm x 190cm
  • Small double (often called a queen): 120cm x 190cm
  • Double: 135cm x 190cm
  • King: 150cm x 200cm
  • Super king: 180cm x 200cm

Which bed style to pick?

Divan or bedstead? For a dramatic statement, pick a bedstead. For anyone with a small bedroom, we suggest a divan with storage hidden in the base, and you can match it with a headboard, too.

Consider choosing an adjustable bed if you use it not only to sleep in, but to watch Netflix, catch up on work emails or have a medical condition. With options for raising your head, legs and body, in double versions, each side can be adjusted individually. You will, however, have to purchase a specially made mattress at the same time. 

For those who want a storage savvy bed to lay their head, take a browse at storage beds, where both the base and mattress lift to reveal masses of storage within.

How do I know the bed will be comfy?

You should always try before you buy when it comes to a bed. Even if you want to try in store and then purchase online, don't be shy when it comes to testing it out. Stretch out fully on the bed for up to 10 minutes, making sure to change position. After checking the size suits your body, be sure to read reviews online to see others opinions. If the bed is for you and a partner, lie on it together and ensure the bed suits you both before purchasing.