The best fans for dorm rooms that are quiet but powerful (and cute!)

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POV: You’ve just arrived at college and you’ve noticed that your dorm feels srsly hot and hella stuffy. And while you’ve probably remembered to pack all of those other dorm essentials, from ultra comfy bedding to cute li’l pieces of decor (mushroom lamps we’re looking at you), the chances are that you may have forgotten to pack a fan. 

The reality is that dorms can be super toasty. You’re sharing a confined space with another person, so it’s naturally gonna get hot pretty quickly. So, having a fan on hand to cool the space when it starts to heat up is a must. So how do you go about choosing one when there are so many to pick from? 

Don’t panic — we’ve got you covered. So that you don’t have to choose, we’ve done a little digging and rounded up all the best fans for dorm rooms that are cute, compact, and super powerful. 

These are the cutest (and best) fans for your dorm room

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Small fans

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What to consider when choosing a fan for your dorm room

When you're choosing a fan for your dorm room there are a few key factors that you might want to think about. 

  • How loud the fan is when running 
  • Whether the fan runs quietly (as you don't want to upset your roommate)
  • How compact the fan is and whether it's easy to store in the colder months
  • How powerful the fan is and whether it can actually cool the space down

How we chose these dorm room fans

We chose these dorm room fans by doing a deep dive on each product pick and selecting the fans than come with the best features, as well as coming highly rated by shoppers. 

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