These 9 small dressers are super stylish (and can hold all the outfits I've bought with my student discount)

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A small dresser is a fundamental piece of bedroom furniture. 'Cause let me tell you when I was growing up, the "big wardrobe" was reserved for my older sis 👀. Now that I don't have to share a room with the elder sibling I have both.

Whether you're decorating an apartment or moving into a dorm, a small chest of drawers is a staple that I personally couldn't live without on a day-to-day basis. Really, it's one of the best pieces of bedroom storage furniture.

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Unlike a wardrobe, it's a place where I can curate a display of odds and ends, keep a mirror at eye level, and place my coffee on while I do my makeup. And, of course, it keeps my clothes organized without relying on an endless supply of hangers. Everything can be folded, rolled, and even crammed in these box-shaped containers.

So, I've been on the hunt for highly-rated drawers (all under $430) that come with heaps of style without needing to take over your entire space. From trendy chests to short and sweet designs, I've tasked myself with the mission to find modern buys that aren't bulky. JSYK, mid-century modern is my go-to interior style, so don't be surprised if you see a few picks inspired by this trend.

Small dressers to shop


Where do you put a small dresser?

A small dresser can be placed in a bedroom, lounge, or hallway, depending on the kind of room you have. If you're using it in conjunction with a wardrobe, you'll want ample space to open the drawers and your wardrobe doors, so bear this in mind. If you have a chest of drawers that has smart features (like a charging point), ensure it's situated close to power outlets to plug it in.

How we chose these small dressers

Obvs, it's a li'l impractical to call in samples of every single small dresser, so we've relied on real reviews from online customers and only selected those with (at least) a four-star review. While scanning, we looked for tiny dressers that have helpful features for IRL living. Whether it's got anti-tipping features (so the furniture doesn't land on your foot), charging cables for your electronics, or a built-in shelf — we want our furniture to work as hard as possible.

Where to buy a small dresser

Haven't found the one? I'm usually good at hunting down some beautiful bargains. If I haven't managed to be your interior godmother this time, try these stores for size...

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