These are the best cordless vacuums under £100

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Best cordless vacuums under £100 from Hoover, Vonhaus and Beldray
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If you need to buy a new cordless vacuum ASAP and only have a budget of £100 to spend, then we can definitely help you decide on a model. It's true: we've reviewed a huge range of vacuum cleaners, ranging from £99 to £999, and it's not always a case that the more expensive the better. With this in mind, you can definitely buy a good-quality cordless vacuum cleaner for less than the £100 mark, whether it's on sale or not.

Whilst we've not (yet) had the chance to test any of the affordable stick vacuums below, we have tested all three of the handheld models we've recommended. Overall, we've been sure to rank all of them based on customer ratings and review. We've also only included vacuums with more than a four-star rating so that you know you're buying quality. Below, we've made sure to note all of the important specifications you should consider when buying a new vacuum, and you can click through to a retailer for a deeper description. In the case that we've reviewed any of these vacuums, you can read our review, too.

Whether your current vacuum is packing up or you're switching from a corded to a cordless model for ease of use, the models below are all brilliant. Otherwise, if you can stretch a little over £100, then see our best vacuums guide for all of our top picks (including robot and upright models). We have a dedicated guide on cordless vacuums at all price tags, too.

The best cordless vacuums under £100

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Stick vacuums

Handheld vacuums

Where to shop for a cordless vacuum under £100

Here's where else to shop for an affordable vacuum cleaner, should you still be searching for one to suit your needs.

What is the most affordable type of vacuum?

The most affordable type of vacuum will depend on the brand. The bigger the brand, the more expensive the vacuum. So if you're looking for something under the £100 mark, avoid the big names. Otherwise, upright and cylinder vacuums tend to be a little cheaper than stick vacuums. And although you might be looking for a cordless model, corded ones usually are less expensive. Robot vacuums are normally the most expensive of the lot.

The most affordable vacuum we've reviewed and given more than 4.5 stars is the Vax Blade 4 which comes in at around £166 currently.

You can read our full Vax Blade 4 review here.

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