The best colour printer 2020: wireless solutions for your home

Our pick of the best colour printers produce perfect photos, diagrams, flyers, and more, all at the click of a button

The best colour printers

Shopping for the best colour printers? A step up from budget friendly printers designed with last minute boarding passes and google maps print outs in mind, our pick of the best colour printers are perfect for producing photos, diagrams, posters and more, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Whether you're looking for a wireless solution, low cost-per-use or a printer designed with photo printing in mind, you're sure to find a model that fits your budget and requirements.

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What is the best colour printer?

In our opinion, the best colour printer comes in the form of the Epson EcoTank ET-3600, which not only comes pre-packed with two years worth of ink, but also offers unrivalled colour quality, at a relatively affordable 14p per page.

While it's one of the pricier options in our round-up, with 11,000 pages worth of ink, we're sure you'll get your cost-per-use in the long term.

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How to buy the best colour printer

When it comes to buying the best colour printer to suit your needs, there are a few factors worth bearing in mind. These include:

Cost per use

Colour printing is notoriously expensive, so if you're planning on printing photos, posters, and more, on a regular basis, it'll be worth your time to consider cost per use.

Air Print

If you want the option to print from afar – by which we mean when you're out and about, beyond wireless printing range – you'll need to ensure you opt for a colour printer with air print capabilities. 


If you're buying a colour printer to complete a small home office set up, you'll want to think carefully when choosing a model, as some sizes may overwhelm the space, making it seem smaller than it really is.

The best colour printers you can buy right now

Epson EcoTank ET-3600, an example of the best colour printers

1. Epson EcoTank ET-3600

Best colour printer: it might be built like a tank, but it’s surprisingly economical

Best for: Cost per use
Touchscreen: Yes
Wireless: Yes
AirPrint: No
Reasons to buy
+ Inexpensive to run + Get going straight away 

This Epson printer comes pre-packed with two years’ worth of ink, which not only means you can get up and running straight away, but that your cost per use is immediately more favourable than with many other printers out there, with Epson figuring it’s around 14p per page.

It might seem quite pricey on first glance, but the 11,000-odd pages you can expect to get from it out of the box more than makes up for it.

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HP Color LaserJet Pro an example of the best colour printers

2. HP Color LaserJet Pro M252dw

Best colour printer for crisp quality: for PCs and Macs, this laser printer makes for compatibility as well as crisp printing

Best for: Crisp quality
Touchscreen: Yes
Wireless: Yes
AirPrint: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Duplex print mode + AirPrint and Google Cloud Print 

This smart-looking and compact printer is great if you have a small office desk. With both AirPrint and Google Cloud Print it's good news for Android as well as Apple users looking to print easily and wirelessly, and it’s fully compatible with both PC and Mac.

As well as playing nicely with others, the HP Colour LaserJet Pro’s happy owners say the crispness and quality of the print is superb, and the scope for duplex printing is pretty helpful too. 

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Canon Pixma an example of the best colour printers

3. Canon Pixma TS6050

Best budget colour printer: top-notch image quality for a low price

Best for: Quality all-in-one
Touchscreen: Yes
Wireless: Yes
AirPrint: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Affordable three-in-one + Wireless printing over AirPrint 

With its 3-in-1 printer, scanner and copier capabilities and wireless connectivity, the Canon Pixma is directly comparable to our first Epson pick for versatility.

While it’s not as cheap to run over a long period of time, if you’re not going to work it too hard but still want the full range of functionality, its much lower initial price may give it the edge.

Mac and iPhone users will be especially pleased, as it packs in AirPrint functionality, too, making it simple to print off those photos without any drivers or cables. 

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Epson Expression Premium an example of the best colour printers

4. Epson Expression Premium XP-830

Best colour printer for photographers: plug in (or don’t) any way you like with this versatile printer for photographers

Best for: Photographers
Touchscreen: Yes
Wireless: Yes
AirPrint: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ SD card, USB and wireless input + Uses high-quality Claria Photo inks 

The Epson Expression Premium is our best colour printer for photographers thanks to its range of input methods and use of Claria Photo HD Inks, whose photo printing quality and longevity are, as yet, unrivalled.

The inclusion of AirPrint is a must for OS and iOS users too (correct us if we’re wrong, but that’s pretty much all shutterbugs, right?) as it allows you to send images to be printed straight from your device, no faffing with USB cables or downloading drivers. Plus, with an inbuilt SD card reader, you can go straight from shoot to scrapbook. 

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Canon Maxify an example of the best colour printers

5. Canon Maxify MB2750

Best colour printer for home offices: print, scan, copy and fax with this all-in-one office genius

Best for: Home workers
Touchscreen: Yes
Wireless: Yes
AirPrint: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Four-in-one with fax + Large capacity 

If you run a business from home, the likelihood is that you need fast, reliable equipment. This Canon printer allows you to send documents quickly, easily and confidentially with its built-in fax, as well as the usual: printing, scanning and photocopying.

Out of necessity, it is on the large side, but for its sheer range of uses – plus AirPrint and Google Cloud Print, and a stonking capacity of 500 sheets – it’s still our best for home workers if you have the space.

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Epson WorkForce an example of the best colour printers

6. Epson WorkForce WF-7110DTW Printer

Best colour printer for big print jobs: this big friendly giant makes short work of large and complex print jobs

Best for: Big print jobs
Touchscreen: No
Wireless: Yes
AirPrint: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Prints A3 and A4 + Email-to-printer mode  

For those who need something that can stand up to any task, the Epson WorkForce is a great options. It prints A3 and A4 from a single tray, a small but welcome feature that doesn’t sacrifice a streamlined design for the sake of being capable, and offers wired and wireless connectivity as well as an endlessly helpful email-to-printer function.

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