Say bye to rude awakenings with the best bedroom blackout curtains — as raved about by shoppers

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As much as I love to romanticize my eyelids gently fluttering open to the sweet chirping of songbirds and a delicate stream of natural light, my reality is being punched in the face by a barrage of white light and the sound of traffic at the crack of dawn. City living at is prime, eh! So, what’s the solution? Bedroom blackout curtains — my favorite light-canceling, noise-reducing secret weapon. And, no, perhaps they won’t completely silence the sound of traffic but once the room is in darkness, I figure the muffled sound of car horns and road rage is the price I have to pay for being a city girl *sassy shrug*. 

If you've been browsing bedroom curtain ideas and need something that's stylish and that will help you get some decent shuteye, then blackout curtains are the answer. However, when you’re shopping for blackout curtains, it’s incredibly important to do your homework. You've got to think about the material, color (they've got to look cute), size (be practical and proactive with measuring your space), and price (obvs).

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Luckily, I’ve spent hours trawling the internet and chatting to experts about the best of the best blackout curtains for you (and for myself ‘cos, NGL, your good sis just couldn’t take it anymore!).

The best bedroom blackout curtains to buy

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Check out our guide on how to measure for curtains, and once they've arrived, we can help guide you if you're wondering how to hang curtains.

The best white bedroom blackout curtains

Clean and refreshingly simple, opt for understated white blackout curtains to give your room an airy charm in the day and reliable darkness at night. 

The best grey blackout curtains for bedroom

Neutral shades for blackout shades... this selection of grey blackout curtains covers all bases on the grey color wheel (versatile and cute). 

The best pink blackout curtains for bedroom

Who says blackout curtains have to be boring? Give your room a pop of color with these fun, pink blackout curtains.


Will blackout curtains keep heat out?

The primary purpose of blackout curtains is, as the name suggests, to block out light and help you to get a restful night's sleep. But, as a byproduct of this function, it's understandable that blackout curtains will serve other purposes. One benefit that I mentioned earlier is that noise can be reduced (but not silenced), making for an all-round better night's sleep. However, one question everyone has at this time of year is: will blackout curtains keep the heat out?

"Absolutely, blackout draperies can aid in reducing heat within your home. They achieve this by obstructing sunlight, thereby helping to cool your space in warmer climates." clarifies Artem Kropovinsky, founder of award-winning interior design studio, Arsight, based in New York, NY.

Can blackout curtains be washed?

Cleaning your curtains is such a faff but at the end of the day, it needs to be done! However, do different rules apply to blackout curtains or can they be washed at all?! "Indeed, blackout draperies can be laundered. Nevertheless, it's critical to adhere to the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer." points out Artem, "As a rule of thumb, blackout draperies should be cleaned on a gentle cycle with cold water, followed by air drying."

Basically, if in doubt, check the care guide... (a boring but important thing to remember when dealing with any sort of upholstery in the interiors world).

How we chose these bedroom blackout curtains

These bedroom blackout curtains have been handpicked by our writer to ensure that they are worth every bit of your money. Only bedroom blackout curtains with high customer reviews have been featured, while considering everything from price to design and even if they are washable.

Where to buy bedroom blackout curtains

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