Best bed deals: how to save big on a luxe night's sleep

When, where and how to shop for the best bed deals, to improve your sleep set-up for less

A rattan Black Friday bed deal from MADE
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When it comes to buying furniture, few purchases are as important as your bed. Think about it, you spend nearly a third of your day in bed, so you want it to be the best you can afford. That is why we are always on the lookout for bed deals – because they can be pricey and this is one area where you definitely don't want to skimp.

Fortunately, there are loads of opportunities throughout the year to get your hands on a bed at a discounted price. So whether you are just trying to buy something to do the job in a new apartment, or have your eye on a timeless classic that will never need replacing, we have you covered.

Below, we outline the best bed sales of the year, and have plenty of hot tips on scoring a deal. We note what kind of price points to expect so you can decipher the good from the bad, and explain the cheapest time to buy a bed (or explain why it isn't quite that simple).

So, if you have splashed out on the best mattress and need the perfect frame to complement it, read on. From simple platform beds, to big fancy sleigh beds, your dreams are not going to leave you out of pocket this time. 

Best bed deals and sales

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Where to find the best bed deals?

There are hundreds of retailers online selling beds. The problem is you can't check the quality in person, so these are the brands we lean to when we want to buy the best bed.  

Some are a bit more expensive than others, so it depends on what you are looking for. If you just want a practical and easy platform bed, then Amazon, Wayfair and Walmart are great places to shop. Delivery is speedy and there are loads of reviews to check the quality. If however, you are using sales to shop for a statement piece that would otherwise be out of price range, check out the likes of Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Floyd Home who offer striking centerpieces for your bedroom.

See our A-Z of companies selling the best beds below to find a deal even outside of sale season. Shop their bed sections to see any current offers.

When is the best time to get a bed on sale?

Spring is a popular time for bed sales. Companies sell off old stock to clear the way for seasonal newness, so we see lots of items in clearance and sale from April through June. 

The other popular time of year for bed sales is of course the end of year sales including Black Friday, and after Christmas when furniture retailers are particularly active. Then, you will always find bed deals in the other major sale events of the year. 

We all know the best time to buy a bed is when you need one, but if you are planning ahead and can wait, we have outlined some of the major sales and what to expect below.

End of year bed deals

This is a good time to buy a bed if you are looking at furniture specialists. This is because this industry brings in a lot of newness in winter when the major trade shows land, so old stock has to go. Furniture sales in general are therefore really popular around the holidays, so if you have your eye on a bed from your favorite furniture store, shop now.

Will there be Memorial Day bed deals?

Memorial Day is a particularly big time for bed and mattress deals. That seasonal shift to summer gets us all thinking about (and dreading) hot sleepless nights, so we are more likely to invest in our sleep now. 

The mattress companies go mad for this, with discounts left, right and center. And, since many mattress specialists such as Saatva and Dreamcloud trade beds too, you are sure to find a good offer as part of their Memorial Day sleep sales.

Is Amazon Prime Day good for bed deals?

Of course this sale is limited to Amazon, but the retailer does stock plenty of its own furniture brands, as well as the likes of Zinus, NapQueen and Linenspa. All of these offer beds and if it is a metal platform bed you are after, you are guaranteed plenty of choice. We think Amazon Prime Day is best for basic beds however – so if a big boudoir overhaul with a fancy four-poster is your dream, shop at other times of the year when there is more on offer.

Are Black Friday bed deals any good?

Nearly every retailer takes part in the Black Friday sales, so this is when you will likely get the widest choice of bed deals. This is great if you really want to shop around for the lowest price, or want to get everything you need for the holidays in one place. 

How to know if you have found a good bed deal?

We always say that a deal is only a good deal if the product is good. So first and foremost, check reviews if it isn't a bed you have seen in person and coveted until sale time. Don't be lured by a super low price and have the false economy of having to replace the bed after barely any use. 

While you can only learn so much about the bed's quality online, read through what materials are used and check reviewer notes on construction as this is often where poor craftmanship becomes obvious.

Shopping a bed on sale means you are probably looking at one which would have been way out of your price range at other times of year. There could be hundreds of dollars off that bougie bed frame you have been eyeing up for months. That said, you will still need to set a budget in your mind and stick to it, no matter how many noughts have been knocked off.

What is a good price for a bed?

The price range for beds (and furniture in general) is incredibly broad. Because there are so many sizes, styles, material types and manufacturers, it is hard to come up with a reliable benchmark for bed costs. Instead, know your budget (factoring in the mattress cost if you need one of those too) and then bring your bed type expectations in line.

Platform beds tend to be the cheapest. Frill-free metal bases like these can be bought for as little as $60. They are durable and will survive house moves and being rebuilt over and over. If you are happy with their simple design, they are a sound investment. Though we recommend paying the upper end of what you can afford to ensure it really does last.

Simple solid wood beds can also be surprisingly affordable when you choose a basic design. You can often get a nice design for under $300, but a more ornate offering will be well into the thousands, especially if you go Cali-king.

If you are looking for your forever bed though, we would say to budget at least $500. Expect this to be $1,000 or more when you want storage options, or upholstered headboards. The price can soon spiral, so this is another reason to look out for the best bed deals.

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