7 of the best ironing boards

Tackle that pile of clean laundry with a sturdy ironing board for crease-free clothing

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Ironing; some of us love it, most of us loathe it, but it’s a necessary evil that we sometimes cannot escape. The best thing to make ironing as quick and hassle-free as possible, other than having a decent iron, (check out our top picks here), is to invest in a good quality ironing board that will let you zip through that pile of laundry in no time at all. 

The last thing you want is to end up having a fight with an ironing board that won’t stay up, or one that squeaks with every minuscule movement, and if you’ve got a small home then making room for one is another battle in itself. Most ironing boards will come with a tray to place your iron on, and fold down easily for convenient storage. If you often have kids running about, check if the board you want has a child lock, as this will stop it from accidentally collapsing during use. 

If you’re really short on space, then table top ironing boards allow you to utilise space you already have (plus you can sit down while doing it), or wall-mounted ironing boards are also an option for utility cupboards or spare rooms. Smaller, occasional ironing jobs will be fine done on a basic board, but if its suits and shirts you’re wanting to press on a regular basis, a wider board will allow for better coverage and accuracy. You can also opt for ironing boards with additional features such as a hanging rack, a flex holder and sleeve attachments to make ironing a breeze. 

We’ve picked out some of the best ironing boards to help you get those chores done in a timely fashion. Have a look below to find out more. 

Brabantia Ironing Table with Steam Control, light grey branded cover

1. Brabantia Ironing Table with Steam Control

Reduce drips and iron safely with this steam control board

Best for: Steam Generator Irons
Dimensions: LWH 149x49x77-96cm
Weight: 9kg
Tray: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Drip tray included + Child safety lock  
Reasons to avoid
- Must remember to empty the bowl before folding away  

Steam generator irons can be hefty things, which is why having a strong and sturdy ironing board is required to hold it. This ironing board has been specifically designed with this in mind, and has a large enough tray table to hold the iron and its generator for quick and easy ironing. It also features a drip tray and works to reduce condensed steam and drips on clothing. For those who have little ones, you can have peace of mind the board is secured with a child safety lock, so no accidents can happen. Just remember to empty the drip tray before folding away otherwise you’ll have extra mess to deal with.  

Minky Ergo Plus Ironing Board, black and blue cover

2. Minky Ergo Plus Ironing Board

A flexible board for comfort when ironing

Best for: Ergonomic
Dimensions: LWH 144x38x94cm
Weight: 7.26kg
Tray: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Flex guide to stop cord tangling + Comfortable for use both left and right handed 
Reasons to avoid
- Quite large  

This ergonomic board is said to provide complete comfort when ironing. It is spacious and designed with safety in mind, including a flex guide to stop the iron cord from tangling, a wide tray to keep the iron stable. Customers have said this board is bigger than expected, so you’d need a dedicated utility space to really make use of its ergonomic design, but overall it is sturdy and easy to clean with a removable board cover.  

Ironfix Wall Mounting Ironing Board, white fixings with grey patterned cover

3. Ironfix Wall Mounting Ironing Board

Save space in the home with this wall-mounted ironing board

Best for: Space saver
Dimensions: LWH 56x35x14cm
Weight: 10kg
Tray: No
Reasons to buy
+ Saves floor space + Can be swivelled both left and right  
Reasons to avoid
- No tray table 

If you’re sick of your home looking like a launderette all the time, then this fold away ironing board can keep things neat and tidy. It is wall mounted, so it can be fixed inside a utility cupboard or somewhere else discreet and its swivel mechanism allows a 180 degree range so you can lock it left or right depending on your home and what’s comfortable for you. It doesn’t have a tray table which means it might not be ideal for large steam generator irons, but for smaller, basic irons this board provides plenty of space.  

Leifheit Airboard Compact Ironing Board, blue cover with butterfly motif

4. Leifheit Airboard Compact Ironing Board

A compact and lightweight board for quick ironing

Best for: Quick jobs
Dimensions: LWH 144x40x75-88cm
Tray: Yes
Reasons to buy
+ Super lightweight  + Efficient reflection cover  
Reasons to avoid
- Narrow board 

This ultra-light board is designed for popping up at a moment’s notice and features and thermos-reflection cover which allows for faster, more efficient ironing. The board itself is fairly narrow, so it’s better for smaller items of clothing and occasional use, and if you’re short on space, then this board can be easily stored out of the way at a weight of just 3.3kg. The height is also adjustable for comfort and a safety lock ensures it won’t unexpectedly jump out at you in the middle of the night; all in all, this is a reliable ironing board for everyday use.  

Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board, grey concentric circle-pattern cover

5. Brabantia Titan Oval Ironing Board

An extra-wide worktop for ease of use

Best for: Wide worktop
Dimensions: LWH 184x50x61-102cm
Weight: 6.7kg
Tray: No
Reasons to buy
+ Easy to iron suits and shirts + Flexible height adjustment 
Reasons to avoid
- Very big 

Ironing shirts can be a real pain, and you end up spending more time moving the garment around than getting the creases out. However, with this ironing board, you can expect a much wider worktop which makes ironing shirts and suit jackets really easy. This ironing board is said to be incredibly sturdy with rubber feat that ensure it doesn’t wobble when in use, and customers love how easy it is to adjust the height so no hunching over is required  when using this board. It doesn’t have a tray table but it does have a designated heat resistant end which allows you to have peace of mind that the iron is safe when not in use.  

Addis Shirtmaster Ironing Board, blue shirt-patterned cover

6. Addis Shirtmaster Ironing Board

Square edges make it easy to iron shirts and, well, everything!

Best for: Shirts
Dimensions: LWH 125x41x93cm
Weight: 5.9kg
Tray: No
Reasons to buy
+ Rounded edges + Anti-slip feet 
Reasons to avoid
- No tray for iron to rest on 

Every thought the pointed end of an ironing board was more of a hindrance than anything else? Then this square-edged ironing board may make your life a whole lot easier. The wide board will allow for clothing, especially shirts, to be ironed with ease and with less need to manoeuvre them about the board. The anti-slip feet make this a great choice for hardwood floors, but If you’ve got a large steam generator you’ll need a stable surface nearby as this doesn’t have a try to accommodate an iron.  

Leifheit Airboard Table Top Ironing Board, blue floral cover

7. Leifheit Airboard Table Top Ironing Board

Ironing is quick and convenient with this table top board

Best for: Convenience
Dimensions: LWH 70x30x8cm
Weight: 0.5kg
Tray: No
Reasons to buy
+ Sturdy + Lightweight  
Reasons to avoid
- Quite small 

For quick and convenient ironing, this table top board gets the job done quickly. If you’re short on space then you can simply place this on top of your dining table or a flat work surface to create a makeshift ironing board. Users have said it takes a little getting used to, and it can be tricky to iron larger items of clothing, but for quick jobs it works very well and its lightweight body makes it easy to store and move around when necessary.  

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