17 best supermarket Christmas gifts

Need a last minute Christmas gift? Fear not, the supermarkets have it covered, so you can pick up some great pressies while you shop for groceries

Supermarket Christmas gifts hero
(Image credit: Sainsbury's)

We have always been advocates of the humble home sections at our local supermarkets but who knew that they were also awesome places to pick up last minute Christmas gifts? 

Need to replenish the cranberry sauce stocks? Pick up a bottle of luxury gin for your dad at the same time. Run out of Advocaat? Oh, look, there’s a light up flamingo that would be great for your flatmate! And the best thing is, supermarket Christmas gifts are all pretty cheap – perfect if you are Christmas shopping on a budget!

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1. A trendy copper candle holder 

The perfect gift for your home loving friend who will never know you actually picked up this super on-trend glass terrarium while shopping for cat food and mulled wine in Asda. 

Copper glass candle holder

(Image credit: George Home)

2. Fabulously bright neon lights

The perfect gift for any neon, unicorn, flamingo or rainbow loving teen, George Home’s range of LED lights is sure be a welcome addition to any drab uni bedroom (ahem, not so drab with our uni bedroom essentials, if you don't mind). 

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LED neon lights

(Image credit: George Home)

3. A llama cactus holder

Move aside unicorns, llamas are apparently the next whimsical animal trend. And what better way to introduce the llama trend into home decor than sticking a cactus on its back and calling it a planter? In all seriousness, these little llama cactus holders from Asda are very endearing and definitely fit that boho vibe we are seeing everywhere at the moment. 

Llama cactus planters

(Image credit: George Home)

4. The most beautiful bottle of passionfruit gin

Distilled in small batches, this passionfruit gin liqueur from Aldi is fruity, rich and is sure to make for some delicious Christmas cocktails. We’ll take five. 

Passion fruit infused gin

(Image credit: Aldi)

5. A double duty candle

We all love a Christmas scented candle, and this cedarwood and spiced plum number from Sainsbury’s is no exception. The warm fruity tones mixed with the earthy notes are like a mulled wine by the fire in a jar. And on the subject of the jar, it’s so lovely it could definitely have a second life as some cute bathroom storage

Sainbury's cedarwood and spiced plum candle

(Image credit: Sainbury's)

6. A Polaroid instant camera 

Yes, this is a Polaroid camera for only £69.99 from Aldi!! Plus it comes with 20 free shots. You may as well just stop trawling through gifts guides now, we think we just found you the best bargain Christmas present out there. 

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Polaroid snap camera

(Image credit: Aldi)

7.  A whaley cute mug

It’s a mug in the shape of a whale. Need we say more? Apart from maybe that it's only £3.50 from George Home

Whale mug from George Home

(Image credit: George Home)

8. A luxurious (but secretly super cheap) body lotion

The branding might look ahem... familiar, shall we say, but these dupes offer all the luxury without the massive price tag. These Aldi body lotions come in an array of, again familiar, scents including Pomegranate and Lime, Basil and Mandarin and prices start at only £2.49!

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Aldi body lotion

(Image credit: Aldi)

9. A swanky cheeseboard

You just can’t go wrong with a lovely cheeseboard, because who doesn't love cheese? The simplicity of this Sainsbury's oak chopping board definitely has a Scandi feel about it and looks way more expensive than the mere £16 it’s priced at. 

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Oak cheeseboard with grey handle

(Image credit: Sainsbury's)

10. An unusual caffeine fix

This chocolate coffee scrub from Aldi is 97 per cent natural and it’s vegan friendly! Coffee, chocolate and a guilt free conscious? What’s not to love.

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Coffee and chocolate scrub

(Image credit: Aldi)

11. A retro letter board

Ocado counts as a supermarket right? Okay good, because you can find some lovely gifts while you order your Christmas caviar, like this letter board in a gloriously minty green shade.

Mint green felt letterboard

(Image credit: Ocado)

12. Quirky pots for an indoor gardener

And these patterned mini planters! Perfect if you are buying for a style conscious gardener. 

Sass and Belle mini planters

(Image credit: Ocacdo)

13. An exquisite hamper

Hampers make for such lovely gifts but once you've bought the perfect rustic basket, a bottle of fizz and some fancy French cheese, they can get pretty pricey. Enter Aldi. This year, they have some incredible hampers starting from as little as £24.99! The Exquisite Hamper is a bit of treat but it would be a stunning gift for a foodie who loves the finer things. 

The exquisite hamper from Aldi

(Image credit: Aldi)

14. A penguin cocktail shaker

Rest assured that whoever you buy this for will wonder how they ever lived without a silver penguin shaped cocktail shaker. Bow-tied, tuxedo-ed and stately in stainless steel, this guy has got to be the most dapper thing on Morrisons' shelves. 

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Penguin cocktail shaker

(Image credit: Morrisons)


Lidl has just launched a Christmas gin for this year and boy does it sound delicious! Their Spiced Plum and Cinnamon Gin Liqueur has been market as an alternative to mulled wine so you can actually drink it warm or over ice with tonic. The bottle looks almost as beautiful as its contents taste, and you would never guess it costs just £11.99. It's only available in store, so pick one up next time you are doing your weekly shop. 

Lidl spiced plum gin

(Image credit: Lidl)

16. A DIY Moscow mule kit

The perfect stocking filler for anyone who enjoys a good cocktail (so basically everyone right?). You can pick up this Moscow Mule set from Sainsbury's for just £15, so you could always head to the alcohol aisle too and pick up some vodka and fancy ginger beer to give the whole works. 

(Image credit: Sainbury's)

17. A sleep inducing gift set

Waitrose has a very impressive beauty section, and to our surprise stock some of our fave luxury brands. This gorgeous little gift set from Tisserand would make a lovely secret Santa gift or a stocking filler. It contains three pulse point roller balls made with 100 per cent natural pure essential oils – Breathe Deep is made up of a blend of orange, petitgrain and coriander which instantly relaxes; True Comfort's blend of bergamot, cardamom and ylang ylang wraps you in a blanket of serenity; and Sleep Better is made up of jasmine, sandalwood and lavender to encourage an even deeper sleep. Sounds dreamy, no?

(Image credit: Waitrose)

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