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To begin with, a towel radiator may seem a specialist and limited kind of home heating solution – it’s for drying out towels and so is only really going to be installed in a bathroom, right? But, when you look into it, you soon discover just how versatile a choice the towel radiator is – and, thus, why it’s one of the most popular types of designer radiators with the public today.

Fair dos, though; first and foremost, a towel radiator – or a heated towel rail (as you may well see it referred to, especially if it boasts a rack-like design) – is naturally fantastic in the bathroom for warming up and drying out towels. Especially when you remember to switch one on before you take a long, leisurely bath or a quick in-and-out shower and so have a snug and cosy towel waiting for you in half-an-hour or a few moments’ time, respectively. To that end, you can also obviously use one to hang towels from – whether you have the power supply on or not – and for drying out and warming clothes.

And yet, as noted above, it’s the towel radiator’s sheer flexibility that has seen it become a leading home heating source for many people throughout the UK. Yes, towel radiators/ heated towel rails are also just as efficient and just as effective when deployed as conventional radiators as any other kind you care mention. In this way, they might even be said to be dual-use. So, as with any reliable, top-of-the-range designer radiator – indeed, like the plethora of them available through Designer Radiators Direct – if you use a BTU Calculator to discover the towel radiator that’s the right fit for your room in question, you’ll be on to a winner, for sure.

But, none of that’s to mention the feature of many towel radiators that truly sets them apart – not only are they dual-use; some are dual-duel. Yes, a fair proportion of them can be powered not just via a gas central heating system, but also via your home’s electricity supply – because you may want to switch one on and off quickly, independent of the rest of the heating system. It’s all about choice with towel radiators then – and with many of them available with trade discounts, guarantees of up to 20 years and next-day delivery via Designer Radiators Direct, you’re assured a great deal on them too!

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