How to make the TikTok twisted candle – it's actually really easy!

The hottest trend right now is twisted candle, find out how to make your own with our guide...

Twisted candles
(Image credit: Monologue London)

Have you seen the twisted candle tutorial on TikTok? Well, fear not if you haven't because we have... many a time now and have got a step by step for you to recreate this viral craft at home. 

Trends are funny things aren’t they - there’s a sudden rush to do the ‘in’ thing and then it all disappears as quickly as it came. However, we think this twisted candle trend has longevity even if you don’t make your own. The end result is a beautifully shaped candle that becomes a decorative piece in your home. Read below and see if you fancy having a go or if it seems too much effort then treat yourself to some ready-mades! 

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Step one: watch the video 

Check out the TikTok video and then read our guide below on how to achieve this awesome trend yourself!


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Step two: pick the right candles 

Invest in a pack of paraffin dinner or taper candles, it seems that these are the best type of candle to use - we tried with others and failed miserably!

Step three: soften your candle

Fill a heat-proof container with warm water, if you use boiling water it will simply melt the wax. Leave your candle to soften for between 15-20 minutes.

Step four: twist  your candle

Carefully remove your candle and at this stage it should be soft enough to manipulate. You can use a rolling pin (or jam jar) to flatten it, but remember to leave at least 2 inches at the bottom unflattened so you can pop your candle in a candle holder once finished. Once you’ve flattened it, slowly twist the candle. You need to move quite quickly because the candle will start to harden again, if it does before you’ve finished, then place it back in the water for a few minutes.

Step five: allow the candle to set 

Once you’ve achieved your ‘twist’ lie your candle down flat on some kitchen roll to harden - then make as many as you like and show them off to your friends on TikTok and Instagram!

Not so great  at crafts? Buy the best twisted candles...

(Image credit: Monologue London)

Danish design company Hay creates contemporary pieces that are iconic, functional and stunning. They have produced these gorgeous spiral candles in a beautiful range of colours, from ice blue, lilac and apricot, to green, arctic blue, teal, mint and midnight. Which combo will you choose? You can buy them here from Monologue London

Twisted candles

(Image credit: KIn)

Another version of the ‘twist’ trend is Dutch designer Lex Pott’s ‘twist candle’. He hand-crafts them in his Rotterdam studio using the flexibility of wax to change the form from the trad straight dinner style candle to this curvy number. Lex has created a new candle style that doesn’t need a candle holder and the result is a beautiful design that is both sculptural and stylish. 

Twisted candles

(Image credit: Le Bon Candles)

Le Bon Candles was started earlier this year by a husband and wife team who found they finally had the time, thanks to lockdown, to turn what had been a hobby into a business. Their candles are handmade and a lot of love and care goes into each one. They’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response so far to all of their candles, but particularly the twisted designs. There’s a choice of seven gorgeous colours - which will you choose? 

Check out more of the best candles in our buying guide too. 

Sophie Warren-Smith
Sophie Warren-Smith

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