Spotted in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen: his best cookware – and it's in the Argos sale

Browsing Gordon Ramsay's kitchen on Insta we spotted his favourite cookware: copper pots. Here's where to buy yours – and why you should cook with copper

Copper Pans - Gordon Ramsay's kitchen cookware
(Image credit: Wayfair)

Many years ago I had to interview Gordon Ramsay on a regular basis for the magazine I worked on... and once, I got to do the interview in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen (pictured, below, with him in it). It is a fabulous space, with a cooker the size of my current kitchen. Unapologetically outrageous, just like Mr Ramsay. 

One of the things we discussed over time was Gordon's love of using copper cookware, which you can see hanging above his head in the kitchen (below). Why? The choice of chefs, copper is a fabulous material when it comes to cookware. With its superb heat conduction properties, it distributes heat evenly. It's also durable and corrosion-resistant, so it looks good meal after meal. Plus, it looks good on display, which saves cupboard space for us mere mortals with normal-sized kitchens. But copper pots can be expensive.

The good news? You can buy affordable copper cookware, if you know where to look (we do). And while it might not meet Gordon's exacting standards, it does the job – and looks the part. So keep scrolling... and for more kitchen ideas, don't miss our dedicated design feature.

Argos Home 3 Piece Copper Triply Pan Set, was £115, now £57.50
Ideal for most hobs, this set of three stainless steel and copper pans with matching lids (16cm, 18cm, 20cm) is suitable for a whole host of cooking tasks. The Teflon non stick surface makes the pans easy to wash too – no hard scrubbing required. Not suitable for induction hobs or dishwasher use.View Deal

Wayfair 5 Piece Non-Stick Stainless Steel Cookware Set, £123.99
This set includes one saucepan (16cm), two casseroles with lids (20cm and 24cm), one stewpot (16cm, with lid) and one non-stick 24cm frying pan. Compatible with gas, electric smooth top and induction hobs, they're also oven-safe. View Deal

John Lewis Copper Plated Non-Stick Pan Set, 5 Pieces, £125
This smart set of copper-plated non-stick pans includes three sizes: 16cm, 18cm and 20cm, all with glass lids and a vent to let off surplus steam so you can keep an eye on what's cooking. The lids have heat-resistant silicone insert handles so they're not hot to the touch. The set also includes a 14cm milk pan and a 24cm frying pan. Made from aluminium, these pans are light in weight, conduct heat well and heat up fast. They are suitable for use on all hobs, including induction.View Deal