Shed of the Year 2019 is now open for entries

Think your shed deserves to be crowned Shed of the Year 2019? Well here's how you can enter...

Shed of the year 2019
(Image credit: Cuprinol )

We are undeniably a nation of shed lovers, so it's no surprise that we have a whole competition dedicated to these glorified wooden boxes. The Shed of the Year 2019 is a celebration of the humble shed in its most innovative form and showcases just what can be done with such a small space.

Entries are open now until 17th June, and this year there is a new category! Inspired by last year's winner, George Smallwood's Bee Eco Shed (pictured, below), the new category is called Nature's Haven. The category also reflects this new trend to just let our gardens, or part of our gardens, go a bit wild, letting nature do its thing. Recent research by sponsors of the event, Cuprinol, found that over of third of us (35 per cent) will allow nature to take over part of the garden this summer.

Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Cuprinol, says, 'There is so much more to our sheds and outbuildings than storage for DIY tools gathering dust – Shed of the Year is a celebration of great British creativity.'

So, on to this year's categories.

Shed of the Year 2018

The winner of Shed of the Year 2018 was the Bee Eco Shed. It had a self-sufficient space in which ‘self-watering’ technology featured, there was space for growing vegetables and a herb garden, room for bug houses annnd it had bee hives on the roof! So, no pressure to enter something that beats this amazing design!

(Image credit: Cuprinol )

The categories for Shed of the Year 2019

These are the categories for Shed of the Year 2019 that yours might already qualify for:

  • Nature’s Haven
  • Unexpected
  • Cabin/Summerhouse
  • Workshop/Studio
  • Pub & Entertainment
  • Budget
  • Historic
  • Unique
  • #notashed (we're intrigued!)

Inspired to enter? Find out how, below.

Shed of the year 2019

(Image credit: Cuprinol )

How to enter Shed of the Year 2019

Think your beloved shed deserves a shot at being crowned Shed of the Year 2019? Head over to where you can submit your shed for one of the nine categories up until 17th June 2019. You need to include at least two pics of your inspired design, plus an explanation of what makes your shed so great and what influenced its design. All the details can be found over on the website, so have a read through them before you enter. 

Right, now go get your shed in shape...