John Lewis dishwashers from Miele come with a £150 cashback code

Browsing John Lewis dishwashers with an eye to getting through the busy autumn/winter entertaining period? Get money back on a top-rated Miele model

John Lewis dishwashers: Inside a Miele dishwasher
(Image credit: Miele @ John Lewis)

If you've been browsing John Lewis dishwashers but not quite made up your mind on which to choose, perhaps you've turned to our best dishwashers buying guide for a good buy to see you through autumn/winter/Christmas/beyond. If so, you might have noticed that a Miele is our top pick. And it's unsurprising – it's an incredible brand with top-rated machines.

The good news? Lots of John Lewis dishwashers by Miele come with a cashback code you're going to want to take advantage of. There's £150 via a redemption scheme – click the link to find out more from Miele, but buy via John Lewis. It runs until 21st November so you've got time to mull your choice and read the reviews. Other Miele dishwashers come with six months' worth of free dishwasher powder. Either way, it's a deal to check out.