Best last-minute gifts from Amazon: it's not too late to do your Christmas shopping

No time to do gift shopping? These last-minute gifts from Amazon are guaranteed to delight – and if you order today, the latest you'll get them is Wednesday 18th December

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Oh, the stress of Christmas shopping. Some of us love the planing and getting of gifts; but for others, every festive season is permeated with a mild sense of dread. 'What will I get them? Will I remember to get it all? Oh no, I've forgotten my cousin/nephew/friend!' 

These situations are just what Amazon is for – with next-day or two-day delivery on most of its items, you can still complete your Christmas shopping list. We'd do it this week/weekend at the latest, just to be safe: after the 17th/18th December, delivery in time for Christmas may be tricky. And if you'll be travelling before Christmas Day itself, it's even more important to act quickly. 

Stuck for what to get them? Scroll down for our list of solid all-time favourites that will appeal to just about everyone. 

Anna Cottrell
Anna Cottrell

In 2018 Anna moved into the world of interiors from academic research in the field of literature and urban space and joined as Staff Writer. She has a longterm interest in space-making and the evolution of interior style. She can also be found looking for the latest innovations in sustainable homewares or buying yet more bedding.