7 twin mattress toppers under $150 that are perfect for back to school

Make a stiff dorm-issued bed feel like home with one of these affordable twin mattress toppers to rejuvenate you in between studying and socializing

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Among the steadily growing list of dorm room must-haves a college student must have packed and ready to go, a comfortable twin mattress topper is at the very top of our list. Considering the stiff or creaky old dorm-issue mattress, do we really need to elaborate?

Sure, it's important to have one of the best single-serve coffee makers on hand, ambitious to bring an air-fryer (if your dorm approves it), or paying attention to the details with some peel and stick wallpaper ( in case you need any dorm room ideas). But when it comes down to it, the best topper will make your room cozy and tailor your dorm-issued bed just to your needs. Even better, you don't need to spend a fortune to find comfort. We rounded up seven mattress toppers under $150 that will suit a range of sleep habits. Don't delay, as school is just around the corner, and stock on some of these are really starting to dwindle.

After that, be sure to pick up one of the best mattress protectors, especially since that dorm-issued bed might just be older than you, and to protect yourself from bed bugs, potential irritants, and more. 

Among the massive back-to-college frenzy, be sure to check out our back to school sales hub for the best discounts on dorm decor and essentials, tech, and supplies. 

1. A thick mattress topper for extra cushion

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Allswell 4” Memory Foam Twin Mattress Topper Infused with Copper Gel | $99 at AllSwell

Yes, you can turn your bed into a luxe cocoon with paying top dollar.  The Allswell 4” Memory Foam Mattress Topper Infused with Copper Gel uses open-cell memory foam promotes airflow and wicks away moisture, while antimicrobial copper gel keeps your sleep surface cool and fresh. It's also incredibly plush, and equal parts cushion and support. The only drawback? It's not available in Twin XL. 

2. A firm mattress topper for extra support

subrtex 2 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed Mattress Topper

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subrtex 2 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Bed Twin Mattress Topper | $79.99 at Amazon

If you sleep on your stomach or back, you'll definitely want a topper that sleeps firmer. Look for phrases such as high-density foam which offers the most support for a healthier sleep. This subrtex seems to have hit the trifecta: a cooling high-density gel foam with excellent pressure relief, a breathable (and washable) bamboo cover, and straps to keep it all in place. 

3. A gel foam topper to keep you cool

best mattress topper LUCID 3 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

(Image credit: Lucid)

Lucid 3" Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Twin Mattress Topper | $69.99 at Amazon

There are so many reasons for choosing this mattress topper: it's super comfortable and supportive, hypoallergenic, and made of gel-infused memory foam for temperature regulation. Choose from two or three-inch thicknesses, but we're partial to the three inches. 

The gel-infused and ventilated nature helps you keep cool throughout the night, but cushy memory foam is also supportive to help reduce any pain, joint pressure, and basically cradle your body. 

4. An organic mattress topper

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(Image credit: Sleep on Latex)

Sleep On Latex Pure Green 100% Natural 2" Latex Mattress Topper | $135 at Amazon

On a mission to live sustainably without sacrificing your budget, Sleep on Latex definitely gives you most bang for your buck. It's made of 100 percent natural latex, or what Sleep on Latex calls Earthfoam latex foam — a specialized version that is meant to combine the best elements of Dunlop and Talalay latex foams, for a springy feel without too much bounce to it. You can choose from one, two, or three-inch depths, (though the three-inch exceeds our $150 threshold). Users consistently rate it as sleeping firm.  

5. An alternative to memory foam

BedStory Bamboo Mattress Topper

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BedStory Twin Bamboo Mattress Topper | Was $79.99, now $59.99 at Amazon

Not into memory foam? No problem! Opt for this breathable 2-inch bamboo mattress topper stuffed to feel like a cloud with fiberfill, while still providing all-important pressure relief. It also has straps to easily keep it in place.  

6. A mattress topper that neutralizes odors and keeps you cool

Dream Collection™ by LUCID® 4-Inch Bamboo Charcoal Twin XL Foam Mattress Topper

(Image credit: Dream Collection by LUCID)

Dream Collection™ by LUCID® 4-Inch Bamboo Charcoal Twin XL Foam Mattress Topper | Was $139.99, now $159.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond 

Ooh here's a good one! This foam mattress topper is infused with bamboo charcoal that helps neutralize odors, stop moisture and regulate temperature to keep your bed cool and fresh. No more smelly dorm room... or at least the mattress is not the culprit. 

If four inches feels too decadent (it's definitely the plushest), it's also available in 2" and 3" options. 

7. A mattress topper with anti-microbial properties

nüe by Novaform 3" Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cool Touch Antimicrobial Cover | $144.99 at Target

(Image credit: nüe by Novaform)

nüe by Novaform 3" Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cool Touch Antimicrobial Cover | $144.99 at Target

Seems like a college dorm is a breeding ground for germs (sorry, it's the truth). Parents will have a little peace of mind with this gel foam mattress topper (cooling) rounded out with a cool-touch cover treated with anti-microbial agents to help manage germs and sustainably made with recycled materials. Plus, it's hypoallergenic. 

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