Best wine fridge: 10 top wine coolers for a perfectly chilled glass at home

Searching for the best wine fridge? Look no further, as we’ve got all the options for chilling your favorite bottle

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Elevate your favourite bottle of wine with the best wine fridge in your home, and improve your wine storage situation at the same time. Regardless of whether you’re drinking red, white or sparkling wine, these fridges will unlock a whole new drinking experience for you and your guests, with your purchase becoming the star of your kitchen. 

And don’t worry if you are looking for the best wine cooler on a budget, as wine coolers are slowly becoming less of a high-price tag item. Rather than splurging your cash, you can pick up a small under-counter model for a great price, and find it still has space for all of your favourite labels. If you’re investing in a larger model to host your wine collection, then we’ve also collated options that can store over 100 bottles, which is enough to earn you the host of the year title if you feel like it.

Aside from exactly which wines you’re going to store in it, there are a few practical considerations when it comes to your new wine fridgee. Think about size and capacity, as well as the installation process, especially if it’s a hefty appliance. Options with different temperature zones in order to keep your reds and whites separate are a must for anyone thinking of growing their collection.

You might even want to consider a wine cooler with smart features so that you can tinker with the settings of your fridge from afar, and get your perfect bottle of wine at the right temperature stress-free. For more appliances that can transform your kitchen, why not also check out our guide to the best fridge freezer on the market. 

The best wine fridges and coolers

Best wine cooler: HAIER HWS42GDAU1 WINE COOLER

(Image credit: HAIER)

1. Haier HWS42GDAU1 Wine Cooler

The best wine cooler you can buy right now.

Storage: 42 bottles
Dimensions: H82 x W49.7 x D58.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Elegant, handleless design+Large capacity+Reversible door+Links to app for remote control+Touchscreen display+Alarm sounds if door left open
Reasons to avoid
-G-rated for energy efficiency-Bottles have to be stacked to reach maximum capacity

This Haier HWS42GDAU1 combines elegance and practicality, with enough space and gorgeous lighting to keep the rosé flowing all summer and the mulled wine at an optimum temperature all winter. With space for 42 bottles across two customisable temperature zones, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite beverages thanks to your sleek new purchase. 

The warm LED lighting of this fridge will frame your wine collection perfectly, making this cooler the envy of all of your friends and family. The spotlight effect of the lights means that the whole fridge will be illuminated from top to bottom so that no bottle is left unattended to. 

Depending on the layout of your kitchen or basement, the handles can be reserved on this model to suit you, though, like the installation of this cooler, this is likely a two-person job. The freestanding design means that you can place this cooler under your countertops or arrange your room so it catches attention stood alone. 

Temperature zones are sure to be a must-have feature for any serious wine connoisseur, and with this fridge, you can alter the temperature between 5°C and 20°C in two custom compartments. The lockable feature on this fridge is also a practical addition for anyone who fears wandering hands near their collection, as well as an alarm that sounds when the door has been open for 60 seconds, in order to maintain the temperature. 


(Image credit: Hoover)

2. Hoover HWC 150 UKW/N Freestanding Wine Cooler

Best wine cooler for wine buffs: an affordable fridge designed for real wine connoisseurs

Storage: 41 bottles
Dimensions: H84.5 x W49 x D53.5cm
Reasons to buy
+High-end features+Large capacity +Quiet once at desired temperature+Links to app for remote control+Clear LED display
Reasons to avoid
-Door is not reversible; only available with hinges on the right-G-rated for energy efficiency-Handle is fiddly to attach

The Hoover HWC 150 UKW/N wine cooler is affordable, spacious, and would look perfect in any modern kitchen. Up to 41 bottles can be stored at once within this cooler, and despite the specifications stating that there’s only one temperature zone, the difference between the top and bottom of the fridge means you can easily store both white wine and rosé, which is a total win if you need to save a little money on your purchase.

This particular wine fridge is also freestanding, so it can be placed under a kitchen or utility counter without any fuss, and blend in nicely with your kitchen design. We love the bamboo shelves too, which give an eco-friendly edge to the whole design, and are complimented by the range of LED lights. As with more pricey models, this fridge can also be controlled via an app, so that you can set the temperature remotely, and simply pick up your perfectly chilled bottle of wine when you fancy it. The app will also give you tips for storing your wine and recipe pairings so that you can learn more about your wines too. 

Best wine cooler: Image of Husky HN6 cooler

(Image credit: Husky)

3. Husky HN6 Slim Line Wine Cooler

Best slimline wine cooler for smaller kitchens.

Storage: 12 bottles
Dimensions: H64 x W25 x D51cms
Reasons to buy
+Sleek and compact+Great value
Reasons to avoid
-Capacity is quite small 

Though this cooler is super slimline, you won’t be restricted in the wines you can store, with space for 12 bottles to keep a whole dinner party happy. You can arrange your wines across five different shelves, and keep four bottles upright too, which is perfect for already opened drinks. The curved effect glass door is bound to win over design fans too and gives you the perfect opportunity to show off your curated collection.

Though this wine cooler is totally affordable, it also has the benefit of touch screen controls, which allow you to cater to the type of wine inside easily. The anti-vibration technology within also prevents the bottle sediment from being disrupted, so the expensive bottles that you’re keeping for a celebration won’t go bad. A huge selling point of this fridge is its perfect compact size, but you’ll also be swayed by the elegant design and practical features. 

Best wine coolers: Image of Hoover HWCB60DDUKSSM/N

(Image credit: Hoover)

4. Hoover HWCB60DDUKSSM/N Wine Cooler

The best wine cooler for extra space.

Storage: 40 bottles
Dimensions: H86.5 x W61.2 x D59.5cms
Reasons to buy
+Impressive capacity +Two temperature zones +Adjustable shelving
Reasons to avoid
-Built-in design rather than stand alone

You can have it all with this Hoover wine cooler, which has enough space for 40 bottles of wine, and two temperature zones that make storing red and white in the same space totally possible, so you don’t have to make any tough decisions. Adjust any area with ease between 5 and 18 degrees, and even find space for beers and ciders if you fancy it too. 

Handily, this wine cooler is a built-in model, so it can just squeeze in under your countertops and merge with the rest of your appliances. The LED lights throughout the interior will spotlight your wine collection expertly, while the two-door setup means multiple guests can get involved with checking out which drink they want next. 

Best wine cooler: Image of Essentials wine cooler

(Image credit: Essentials)

5. ESSENTIALS CWC15B20 Wine Cooler

Best wine cooler on a budget.

Storage: 15 bottles
Dimensions: H49.2 x W48 x D44cm
Reasons to buy
+Quiet running for convenience +Compact yet stylish+Excellent value for money
Reasons to avoid
-No interior light 

For less than £100 you can store 15 bottles of wine in your home with this Essentials cooler, which sounds like a pretty good investment to us. Forget jamming your fridge shut next time you entertain guests and store it all in this compact cooler, which has a door that can be installed on either side, to perfectly suit your kitchen. 

You can adjust the temperature between 5 and 18 degrees with the simple dial control, and enjoy your chilled glass of wine from this dedicated appliance. We love the fact that you can store bottles either way too, which is especially good if you have a particular bottle you want to show off. 

Russell Hobbs RHGWC1B-C Wine Cooler

(Image credit: AO)

6. Russell Hobbs RHGWC1B-C Wine Cooler

The best wine cooler for compact spaces

Storage: 12 bottles
Dimensions: H49.2 x W48 x D44cm
Reasons to buy
+Reversible door+Available in black or stainless steel
Reasons to avoid
-Not for holding an extensive wine collection or hosting 

This ultra-affordable wine cooler can be changed to suit your needs, from the colour of the finish (black or silver) to the number of shelves, making it adjustable for your needs. Regardless of the bottles you’ve picked up on your food shop, from beers to prosecco, you can simply rearrange the inner design, and make space where you need it. 

If you do just want a dedicated wine space, then there’s enough room for twelve bottles, which translates to about 46 litres. The sleek design of this unit includes a glass front for showing off the best of your collection, and includes a lockable system, to keep your finest purchases from getting damaged. 

Best wine cooler 2021: Image of MONTPELLIER MON-WC166X Wine Cooler

(Image credit: Montpellier )


The best wine cooler for over 100 bottles

Storage: 166 bottles
Dimensions: H177 x W59.5 x D68cms
Reasons to buy
+Huge capacity +Delicate blue lighting  +Temperature controlled zones 
Reasons to avoid
-For those with a larger budget

Escape to the heights of luxury in your own home with this gorgeous Montepellier fridge, which has enough storage for 166 bottles of whichever wine you like. We love the blue lighting throughout this model, which gives it a glow a little different from other coolers on the market. 

Any wine buff knows that keeping the temperature regulated isn’t the only important thing when it comes to creating a collection. That’s why this cooler also has a triple glazed door, to prevent expensive accidents and a UV-resistant panel, which means that the lights from your kitchen won’t do any damage either. 

The technology within this cooler also keeps it vibration-free, and the anti-fingerprint exterior will save you time polishing your new favourite appliance. Control everything you need to with the touch screen inside, and then sit back and admire your wonderful new wine fridge!

Best wine cooler: CANDY CCVB 15 UK/1 Wine Cooler

(Image credit: Candy)

8. CANDY CCVB 15 UK/1 Wine Cooler

The best wine cooler for under 10 bottles

Storage: 7 bottles
Dimensions: 865 x 145 x 506 mm (H x W x D)
Reasons to buy
+Super slim design+UV resistant glare+Affordable
Reasons to avoid
-Not much space for building a collection

Save space with this 7 bottle wine cooler, which is perfect for fitting into that last snug spot in your kitchen. This cooler is so compact that it won’t overcrowd your kitchen, but will allow you to keep your wine of choice in arms reach, and at the optimum temperature. If you want a place to keep your wine, but are restricted by budget and space, then this fridge couldn’t be a better choice for you. 

Though this cooler is super sleek, you’ll still be able to see everything inside with the extensive LED lighting. And don’t worry about the light within your room damaging your bottles, with UV-resistant glare applied to the doors of this cooler too. What’s more, the adjustable feet of this fridge mean you can tweak the height to perfectly match your countertops. 

Best wine cooler: Image of LOGIK wine cooler

(Image credit: LOGIK)

9. LOGIK LWC34B20 Wine Cooler

The best wine cooler for storing over 30 bottles

Storage: 34
Dimensions: H84.2 x W49 x D44cm
Reasons to buy
+Plenty of storage+Affordable+Blue lighting 
Reasons to avoid
-One temperature zone 

Combine affordability and capacity with this LOGIK fridge, and face no compromises when it comes to stashing your favourite. With the capability of holding 634 bottles, this cooler is a chance to build up an impressive wine collection without breaking the bank. There’s also an alarm system that will notify you when the door is left open too long, great for ensuring that the conditions inside your cooler stay absolutely perfect. 

The modern style design of this LOGIK cooler features blue lighting and space for larger bottles to be stored at the bottom of the fridge. You can alter the temperature between 5 and 18 degrees, and its compact size means that you won’t have to worry about moving around other appliances to make space for it.

Best wine cooler: Image of Siemens wine cooler

(Image credit: Siemens)

10. Siemens iQ500 Wine Cooler

The best wine cooler for total style

Storage: 21 bottles
Dimensions: H81 x W29 x D56cms
Reasons to buy
+Soft lighting +Oak panelling +Good capacity 
Reasons to avoid
-No touch screen control

Have all eyes on your new wine storage with this Siemens iq500 cooler, which boasts oak shelves for high-end presentation, and a full-length glass door design with black accents. It’s hard to resist the design of this Siemens cooler, and with a 21 bottle capacity to match, it’s easy to see why it would be a great appliance to have around as you host friends and family.

The clean fresh LED lights in this wine cooler are really something to admire and allow you to showcase your best wines and match your decor at the same time. You can rely on this appliance with the two-year warranty that comes alongside it too, and rest assured that you can seek help if you need it. It’s also available in a range of finishes; black, white and titanium so that you can color match it to your cabinets perfectly. 

How to choose the best wine cooler?

When choosing a wine cooler fridge there's a lot of things to consider – let alone the type of wine you want to drink – before parting with your cash.

They're not for laying down wine
It’s worth noting that wine fridges aren’t intended for long-term storage – a specialist wine cabinet or cellar is far more suitable if you’re particularly serious about collecting – but rather for keeping a select few bottles chilled and to hand.

How much space do you have?
After budget, the next big thing to consider is your kitchen’s layout. If you have a large kitchen with space to spare, a freestanding full-height wine fridge looks very striking and has a larger capacity than an under-the-counter model, ideal for serious wine-drinkers who like to keep a variety of bottles to hand. Under-counter fridges, meanwhile, often come in slimline designs specifically made to meet space concerns, making them suited to small modern flats and crowded kitchens.

Think temperature zones
Finally, for maximum versatility, you may want to look for a wine fridge with more than one temperature zone, which means you can meet the needs of two or more different types of wine at once using targeted climate control. As with many things, the more zones a fridge features, the higher price it can command, so we’ve included a mix of one- and two-zoned fridges in our buying guide to suit a range of budgets.

How to get the most from your wine cooler?

So you bought the best wine cooler, but did you know where you put it can have an effect on its performance? To get the best from your wine fridge and ensure the internal temperature is as constant as possible, it should be installed in a room where the temperature is 22–25ºC/71–77ºF. Above and below these temperatures will make it harder for the fridge to regulate itself, meaning it uses more energy in the process.

What temperature should you store wine at?

We all know red wine should be served warmer than white wine, but did you know there are recommended temperature ranges for each variety? For optimum enjoyment, here are the storage temperatures you should be aiming for:

  • Red wine: 15.5–18.5ºC / 60–65ºF
  • White wine: 10–15ºC / 50–59ºF
  • Sparkling wine and Champagne: 7.2–8.5ºC / 45–47ºF
  • Rose wine: 9.5–10.5ºC / 49–51ºF

What is the best wine cooler?

To recap, the best wine cooler is the Haier HWS42GDAU1, which has two temperature zones and ample capacity for a medium to large household – so great if you like to entertain, too. It has everything we are looking for (apart from the wine included...) which looks great and isn't too pricey, either.

It comes with handy smart features to help you look after your wine remotely, and offers plenty of tips and advice on wine pairing, via the app.

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