Best hobs 2020: 10 top hobs for effortless cooking on gas, ceramic or induction

Whatever fuel you favour – induction, gas or ceramic – the best hob designs are sleek, stylish and perfect for simmering, sizzling and searing. We've picked our top ten, which you can buy for the best prices...

best hob: Elica NikolaTesla Flame
(Image credit: Elica)

Finding the best hob can go along way in cooking the perfect meal, feast or snack for your household. And there are a few designs to choose from; from the innovation of induction and the responsiveness of gas, to the less fancy but by no means least effective ceramic (aka electric) hob.

Once perhaps not the most glam of appliances, the hob can now be somewhat a feature in the kitchen which can stick with you and your family for years. This is why it is essential to choose your hob wisely now so it avoids any regrets, not to mention the hassle of replacing it if it doesn't quite work out. 

So, fear not: we've complied this extensive guide for you, in all three fuel types, to help you decipher the elements and choose a hob which fits the bill, and works with the space you have. 

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What is the best hob?

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If you want the best hob (in our opinion) we wouldn't hesitate to buy the Elica Nikola Tesla Flame Gas Hob. This hob is one of the first to combine gas cooking with extraction and it looks pretty smart, too. The overall design has been cleverly thought out around the extraction, with four burners (including a Wok station) working within the flame. We've seen it working, and it really is impressive.

Alternatively, if you prefer to cook on an induction hob, then we can recommend you buy the Fisher & Paykel CI604DTB3 or, buy the Neff T16FD56X0 for cooking on a ceramic hob.

Want to keep looking? No worries: keep scrolling to find our other gas, induction and ceramic top picks, all for the best prices.

Best gas hobs for 2020

If you prefer to cook with gas, rather than with an induction or ceramic hob, then you'll love our selection of gas hobs. Cooking with a naked flame can offer more versatility with you cooking, and more visual control. If you do not have a gas supply to your home currently then it would be worth investigating to see if it is possible to install, and reassessing your budget.

best hob: Elica NikolaTesla Flame

(Image credit: Elica)

1. Elica Nikola Tesla Flame Gas Hob

Best gas hob with built-in extraction

Fuel: Gas
Zones: Five
Finish: Black glass + cast iron
Dimensions: H21 x W88 x D51cm
Reasons to buy
+Four burners, including one dual+Electronic extraction control+Cast iron plate for pot / object support
Reasons to avoid
-Investment price tag (could be worth it!)

If you've got the budget, this gas hob from Elica gets our vote for the best gas (and overall) hob and will most certainly be worthwhile the investment. It's one of the first models we've seen to combine extraction with the gas cooking method, and we're impressed with what we've seen.
Buy the Elica Nikola Tesla Flame Gas Hob

Built-In extraction

This innovation means that you continue to cook with gas whilst ridding the home of any lingering food smells. The design has been cleverly thought out with the Wok above the suction inlet, so the fume extraction speed is improved for more intense cooking.

This extraction is controlled electronically using one of the dials to the front of the hob.

Beautifully designed

Constructed using cast iron with a glass top hob, it's easy to keep this hob clean and maintain so it continues to look fab in your kitchen for the years to come.

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best hob: Fisher & Paykel CG905DWNGFCX3

(Image credit: Fisher & Paykel)

2. Fisher & Paykel CG905DWNGFCX3 Gas Cooktop

Best gas hob for perfect, and safe, cooking

Fuel: Gas
Zones: Five
Finish: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: H7.6 x W90 x D53cm
Reasons to buy
+Glowing dials+Fits flush+Flame-failure safety device
Reasons to avoid
-Stainless Steel finish may not be to everyone's taste (but we like it!)

A very close runner-up, this gas cooker is designed to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen, and it's brimming with a host of useful cooking essentials, too.
Buy the Fisher & Paykel CG905DWNGFCX3 Gas Cooktop

Cooked to perfection

Featuring a total of five burners, this hob has a consistent flame and heat distribution of the dual flame wok burner. These, combined with the responsive dials, offer precise heat adjustment  which are perfect for simmering sauces to searing steaks.

Safety, and style

Whether you're cooking, or you've served up, the intuitive dials will glow red for on and white for off, so you know from a distance which burners remain lit. There's even a flame failure safety device which automatically turns off the gas should a flame be accidentally extinguished.

And this is all on a smart Stainless Steel platform which is easy to keep clean, and match other kitchen appliances from the Fisher & Paykel family.

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bets hob: SIEMENS iQ700 ER9A6SD70 GAS HOB

(Image credit: Siemens)

3. Siemens iQ700 ER9A6SD70 Gas Hob

Best as hob with a stylish flat finish

Fuel: Gas
Zones: Five
Finish: Black
Dimensions: H52cm x W91.2cm x D4.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Quick, powerful heat+Dishwasher-proof pan supports+Easy-clean ceramic
Reasons to avoid
-Whopping price (but could be worth it)

The gas hob from Siemens looks fab, and offers precise flame control in nine steps.
Buy the Siemens iQ700 ER9A6SD70 Gas Hob


This gas model gives precise heat control with stepFlame technology that offers nine flame graduations to suit every cooking need. Alongside the four regular burners is a dual wok burner that can deliver 6kW for rapid heating.


Built with a modern black glass top and cast iron supports, this model is a really sleek design which is easy to clean too. So easy, in fact, the cast iron supports can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.

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(Image credit: Bosch)

4. Bosch PCS7A5B90 FlameSelect Gas Hob

Best gas hob which is easy to use

Fuel: Gas
Zones: Five
Finish: Stainless steel
Dimensions: H52cm x W75cm x D4.5cm
Reasons to buy
+Five burners+DualWok burner+FlameSelect
Reasons to avoid
-Too wide for some worktop cut-outs

Achieve perfect cooking results with this gas hob from Bosch.
Buy the Bosch PCS7A5B90 FlameSelect Gas Hob


What makes this gas hob stand out is the FlameSelect function, which enables you to adjust the flame in nine graduations for precise control when you need it. 

It also comes with continuous cast iron pan supports for stability and a high-speed burner, economy burner and two regulars, as well as the DualWok version that gives high heat and gentle heat so you can sear or simmer to your heart’s content.

Made from Stainless Steel

For a contemporary design, Stainless Steel has been used making this hob both practical and durable.

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Best induction hobs for 2020

Cooking on an induction hob has risen in popularity over the years, not just because there are now more options to choose from, but its the unrivalled precision and power it offers. It's also easier to clean and more energy efficient, too. 

Just so you're aware, it's advised that only cookware made from magnetic materials - such as magnetic stainless steel and cast iron - is used on the induction hob so it can work properly.

best hob: Fisher & Paykel CI604DTB3

(Image credit: Fisher & Paykel)

5. Fisher & Paykel CI604DTB3 Induction Hob

Best smart induction hob: bridge cooking zones for ultimate flexibility

Fuel: Electric
Zones: 4
Finish: Black glass
Dimensions: H4.9 x W60 D53cm
Reasons to buy
+Smart zone (Bridges cooking zones)+SmartZone indicator+Touch&Slide controls
Reasons to avoid
-None that we can think of

This Fisher & Paykel induction hob offers incredibly flexible cooking with its SmartZone and TouchSlide controls.
Buy the Fisher & Paykel CI604DTB3 Induction Hob 60cm 4 Zone with SmartZone

Large cooker zone

This induction hob has SmartZone, which links two cooking zones and controls them as one. It's an ingenious way of giving you the flexibility to use large pans and griddles.

Enhanced features

And for those specialist cooking tasks, such as melting chocolate, PowerBoost and GentleHeat is on hand to deliver either a very high or a very low heat. 

There's an integrated timer to keep you on track and TouchSlide controls which react immediately when you adjust the temperature, too.

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best hob: Bosch PIV851FB1E

(Image credit: Bosch)

6. Bosch PIV851FB1E Induction Hob

Best induction hob for large families: this model has a useful five burners, and a PowerBoost

Fuel: Electric
Zones: 5
Finish: Black glass
Dimensions: 5.1cm x 75cm x 50cm
Reasons to buy
+Variable 17-stage power settings for each zone+PowerBoost+DirectSelect
Reasons to avoid
-This one is one of the more expensive models on our list (could be worth it though)

With its elegant design and bags of cooking tech, this induction hob from Bosch will complement any kitchen and meal time.
Buy the Bosch PIV851FB1E Induction Hob

Quick to cook

This model has a QuickStart function which detects where you have placed a pot, then displays the corresponding cooking zone on the display panel (helpful!) This means that you can select the desired cooking level, without any delay.

And whilst cooking, you may find that you need a little boost. The PowerBoost function can speed up the cooking process so you can boil two litres of water almost 50 per cent faster, for example.


This intuitive control panel enables you to select the cooking zones and select the specific power level you want, keeping it nice and easy.

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best hob: AEG IKB64311FB

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

7. AEG IKB64311FB Induction Hob

Best induction hob for value

Fuel: Electric
Zones: 4
Finish: Black
Dimensions: H4.4 x W59 x D52cm
Reasons to buy
+PowerBooster+LED slider control
Reasons to avoid
-None at this price!

This induction hob from AEG has all the essentials you need for every day cooking and is available to buy for one of the lowest prices in this guide, too.
Buy the AEG IKB64311FB Induction Hob

Intense rapid heat

If you need some extra heat on one, or all four, of the cooking zones, the PowerBoost button can give you an instant burst of heat that boils water in under 90 seconds. This makes it ideal for boiling potatoes, or sealing meat.

Touch controls

The controls on this induction hob are intuitive and easy to use. They are equipped with plus or minus buttons for effective temperature control. Even the timer and minute minder is adjustable, so you can manage your cooking accordingly.

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Best ceramic hobs for 2020

This type of hob is the most common in households, and it's easy to see why. They work by conducting heat through the glass to the pan, so it's worth keeping a look out for models which have residual light indicators. All ceramic hobs are are relatively easy to keep clean, simple to control with many now operated by touch buttons and have cheaper price tags, too.

best hob: Neff T16FD56X0 Electric Ceramic Hob

(Image credit: Neff)

8. Neff T16FD56X0 Electric Ceramic Hob

Best ceramic hob with touch controls

Fuel: Electric
Zones: 4
Finish: Black glass
Dimensions: H4.5cm x W56cm x D49cm
Reasons to buy
+Responsive+Heats up quickly+Easy to use
Reasons to avoid
-Required to select ring before adjusting the heat

This ceramic hob from Neff has touch control and PowerBoost, so it's super easy to use (and keep clean, too).
Buy the Neff T16FD56X0 Electric Ceramic Hob

Zone cooking

The T16FD56X0 boasts a total of four cooking zones, with each one having 17-stage variable power settings so you can cook at the desired rate. There is also a timer with automatic shut off for each zone. And, if you need a little boost, you can active PowerBoost to apply some extra heat to the zone for 30 seconds.

Easy to control

Like the majority of the other models in this guide, this hob also comes with a touch control panel. This is easy to use, and is you go-to if you want to control the temperature, set the timer or switch on the 'keep warm' feature. 

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best hob: Siemens ET645CEA1E Ceramic Hob

(Image credit: Siemens)

9. Siemens ET645CEA1E Ceramic Hob

Best ceramic hob for safety features

Fuel: Electric
Zones: 4
Finish: Black glass
Dimensions: H4.8 x W58.3 x D51.3cm
Reasons to buy
+QuickLite+9 power levels+Residual heat indicators
Reasons to avoid
-Ring markings could be clearer

This ceramic hob from Siemens is a safe option for when they're are children around the home, thanks to it's residual heat indicators.
Buy the Siemens ET645CEA1E Ceramic Hob

Zone cooking

As with the Neff model, this hob also has four cooking zones but are set out a little differently. These zones are QuickLite which simply means that they heat up quickly. And it has the added benefit of residual heat indicators, so you'll know not to put your hands on the hob whilst it's still hot.


To control this hob you are to use the Sword knobs. This can easily be turned to one of the nine power levels, and subsequently turned off this way, too.

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(Image credit: Currys PC World)

10. Beko HIC64102 Ceramic Hob

Best ceramic hob for value

Fuel: Electric
Zones: Four
Finish: Black
Dimensions: H51cm x W58cm x D3.7cm
Reasons to buy
+Easy to clean+Simple to operate+Stylish design
Reasons to avoid
-Too basic for some

This Beko hob is easy to use and it gets our vote for the best value-for-money, too.
Buy the Beko HIC64102 Ceramic Hob

Power up

This model features four cooking zones, plus six power levels to cope with everything from a gentle simmer to an intense sizzle on a Saturday night.

Keeping cooking simple

This ceramic hob is a hit with buyers thanks to its low price tag, easy to use controls and easy-clean glass surface. There’s nothing fancy about this model but that’s what appeals to buyers who want something simple that does what it says on the tin.

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How to choose the best hob

Most of us have a fuel that we prefer cooking with. Some won’t use anything but gas, as it’s quick and responsive, while others have loved the innovation of induction with its automatic pan detection, energy efficiency and safety aspect, which is great for families with young children. With that said, there are a few things to look out for so you can choose the best model for your needs:

Gas models have come on leaps and bounds in terms of styling, with black glass models, one-piece pan supports and wider designs for extra burners. Look for automatic ignition, dishwasher-safe cast iron pan supports and powerful kW for flexible cooking.  

If you like the idea of induction, prices have come down in recent years, making it more affordable. As it’s the pan that heats up and not the hob, it’s great from a safety view and is super energy efficient, too. Induction surfaces are also easy to clean and high-tech with touch controls alongside flexi or bridging zones that can be adapted to suit bigger pans. 

Many people still want ceramic hobs, whether they are replacing like for like or simply want an inexpensive hob for a first-time kitchen refit or perhaps a buy-to-let property. These are great value but you do get what you pay for so the designs are pretty basic with no surprises. 

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