Smoothie bowl: our favourite recipes, including Jamie Oliver's

You can't beat a smoothie bowl, whatever the weather. They're healthy, delicious, easy to prepare and pretty to look at – what's not to love?

Smoothie bowl
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Smoothie bowls are a slightly more filling alternative to your traditional smoothie, but are still light enough to enjoy as the weather warms up. Plus, they're quick to prepare and are a great way to start your day with plenty of fruit and veg. Which is probably why we saw them all over Instagram last summer.

You'll need to start by making a slightly thicker version of one of your favourite smoothie recipes, before pouring it into a bowl and topping with fresh fruit, chopped nuts, granola, nut butter, or whatever else takes your fancy.

You can go for the 'pile it on and eat approach' on days that you're super hungry, or take time to prepare a smoothie bowl that looks super beautiful when intended for both photography and fuel purposes. The choice is yours.

Find out how to make a smoothie bowl below. Then head over to our food hub  for more recipe ideas and inspiration.

Smoothie bowl

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What we really love about smoothie bowls is that – much like traditional smoothies – they can be made with pretty much anything you may have available – be that fresh, frozen or in the cupboard. 

Start by blending up any fruit and veg you have to hand – this is a great chance to get creative – or check out our flavour combinations below.

  • For a green smoothie bowl, combine banana, oat milk, spinach, pineapple and celery (it's more delicious than it sounds, we promise)
  • For a powerful pink smoothie bowl, we'd recommend combining banana, frozen berries, almond butter and oat milk
  • For a terrifically tropical smoothie bowl, try combining coconut milk, mango, pineapple and beach

All you need to do is blend all of your ingredients together to create a thick smoothie. Then, pour into a large bowl and begin topping with whatever you may have to hand.

Some of our favourites include sliced banana, fresh or frozen berries, kiwi, peach, chopped nuts, toasted pumpkin seeds, chia seed, goji berries, nut butter, grated chocolate, or whatever else you may have to hand.

How to make Jamie Oliver's smoothie bowl

How clever is this smoothie bowl? A recipe that makes a filling and delicious start to the day as a breakfast bowl, but makes a great snack, too. As Jamie Oliver says, 'The beauty of this banana and berry combo is that it works three ways: enjoy as a full-on breakfast bowl with some tasty toppings, drink as a straight-up smoothie, or freeze in ice lolly moulds for a healthy snack that somehow feels a bit naughty! My lot go nuts for them, grown-ups included.' Thank you, Jamie, we like your style. 

We’re awarding one of our favourite chefs more points for the easiness of this recipe, and also because it uses up very ripe bananas so we’re avoiding food waste (points to us, too).

  • Special thanks to Tesco for sharing this recipe with us
(Image credit: Tesco/Jamie Oliver)

Want to whizz up Jamie Oliver’s fruit smoothie breakfast bowl? You will need:

  • 300g natural yoghurt
  • 2 well-ripened bananas
  • 1 pinch cinnamon
  • 30g rolled oats
  • 120g frozen mixed berries
  • Milk (optional)


  • 1 handful Shredded Wheat Bitesize, or Weetabix, or no-added sugar muesli
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp four seed mix, or mixed nuts
  • Fresh seasonal fruit such as raspberries (optional)


1. Add the yoghurt, bananas, cinnamon and oats into a blender and whizz until the mixture is smooth. Divide around two thirds of the mixture into breakfast bowls if you’re serving it this way, or between glasses or lolly moulds, leaving the rest in the blender.

2. Put the frozen berries in the blender with the remaining mixture, and whizz until smooth again. Add a little milk if the mixture is too thick.

3. Divide this berry mixture between the bowls, glasses or lolly moulds, depending on what you’re using. Swirl the two layers for a rippled effect.

4. If serving as a breakfast bowl, add a topping of cereal, some peanut butter, seeds or nuts, and fresh fruit, if using. Excuse us while we tuck in.

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