How to Clean and Maintain Bi-fold Doors

Regular cleaning and upkeep will make sure your bi-fold doors continue to make a design impact on your home for years to come. Alexandra Giles from Origin explains how to keep your doors in top condition

Content supplied by Origin

We can all tell when our glazing needs a clean – grubby fingerprints and watermarks will quickly start to impair your view to the outside – but how often do you clean the tracks or frames of your windows and doors? We look at how to maintain the visible parts and hidden mechanisms of your bi-fold doors.


How often should I clean my bi-fold doors?

Allowing debris to build up in the tracks can affect the operation of your doors, so check them regularly. When you are using the doors a lot (for example, in summer), debris is more likely to get into the tracks as people traipse in and out.


Occasional cleaning should suffice, but if you live near the sea, it is a good idea to wash your doors down with fresh water once a week to remove salt deposits.


How do I clean the glazing of my bi-fold doors?

The glazing can be treated like any other window. Use warm water and a soft cloth to clean the glass. If you need to use a product, look for a gentle soap designed for windows and doors.


Use a squeegee to remove excess water and a clean cloth to get the rest of the water from the perimeter of the frame.


What cleaning products should I use on my bi-fold doors?

Light, soapy water and non-abrasive cloths can be used on the windows and frames. Use separate cloths for the different parts of the doors.


Do not use scouring pads or solvent based cleaning products as they may damage the surfaces. Washing up liquid is also not recommended.


How do I clean the tracks on my bi-fold doors?

Use a small brush to loosen debris from the tracks, then vacuum up the debris with the thin nozzle attachment of your vacuum cleaner.


 Maintaining the mechanical Parts of a Bi-fold Door

All bi-fold doors use a system of hinges and trolley wheels, as well as multi-point locks and handles to secure them. These need to be lubricated periodically using silicone spray or grease. Do this every couple of months – or if you notice them starting to stick – and wipe away the excess with a soft cloth.