The kitchen appliance that will make you ditch bottled water for good

Get fresh mineral water from the tap in 30 minutes or less

Black Waterdrop X16 on white marble kitchen counter
(Image credit: Waterdrop)

Filtered water straight from the faucet sounds like something that only exists in upscale celebrity homes, but brands such as Waterdrop are on a mission to make it an accessible fixture for every family home. 

There are many benefits to switching to filtered water in your home, including reduced limescale, saving money on bottled water, and better taste. Waterdrop is a brand that specializes in water filtration and it has recently launched its most advanced water filtration system the Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis System X16, offering these benefits and more. 

The new X16 doesn’t just filter and clean your tap water, it also has a remineralization feature, that packs in all the minerals you’d usually find in a bottle of mineral water. It is the perfect solution for families looking for the benefits of bottled water, without the extra cost and plastic waste. 

 Make family life easier with Waterdrop

Black Waterdrop X16 on white marble kitchen counter. It is a rectangular upright tower with white company branding on the side

(Image credit: Waterdrop)

The new X16 has been designed to complement the busy and occasionally chaotic nature of a family kitchen. It separates itself out from other water filtration systems with its fast flow rate, filling a glass of water in under three seconds. When you’re trying to rapidly fill water bottles for the whole family those three seconds will be a life — and time — saver. 

It does require electricity to keep the system running, however Waterdrop have kept this to a minimum with an Energy-Saving Mode that saves 40% of electricity. It also reduces any noise from the running system.

 Easy to install 

Waterdrop X16 faucet system

(Image credit: Waterdrop)

The system can be retrofitted under a kitchen sink in just 30 minutes, without any tools. You won’t need to sacrifice much space for the tankless slim design either. It is also available in gray and black to seamlessly blend into the aesthetic of your home.

The only tool you need is one to drill a hole in the worktop for a ‘smart faucet’. This clever piece of kit will give you real-time readings of the water quality and the filter life, helping you keep an eye on your new filtration system with ease.

The newly launched system usually costs $1,999, however until April 14th you can receive a 30% discount on the Waterdrop X Series Reverse Osmosis System X16 making it just $1,399. 

Use discount code realhomex16 for an additional 5% off, lowering the price to just $1,299.

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