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Beds on Legs love storage beds, they are a great space saving idea if you are tight on space. Your bed takes up the most room in your bedroom so giving it a dual purpose is an amazing idea.

Beds on Legs offer storage beds with drawers or ottoman compartments.  The most popular type of bed that comes with drawers is a divan bed.  Divan beds come with a choice of 2 or 4 drawers and you can even have 2 smaller drawers at the headend and 2 larger drawers at the foot end.  These are continental drawers and are great if you have bedside tables.

Ottoman beds are amazing storage beds, not only do they look stylish, the bed lifts up and the whole underneath of the ottoman bed can be used as a storage compartment.  Ottoman beds offer 4 times as much storage space as a normal 4 drawer divan bed.  Beds on Legs specialise in ottoman beds offering an amazing selection to choose from.

Storage beds come in a choice of sizes:

• 2ft6 Small Single Storage Beds

• 3ft Single Storage Beds

• 4ft Small Double Storage beds

• 4ft6 Double Storage beds

• 5ft King Size Storage Beds

• 6ft Super Kingsize Storage Beds

Beds on Legs have an extensive range of storage beds in both traditional and contemporary styles with hundreds of colours and fabrics to choose from.  Beds on Legs can post fabric samples out so that you can choose the perfect colour and fabric for your bedroom.

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