How to decorate a plant pot

Want a quick upcycling project for the weekend? Here's how to decorate a plant pot – give this simple makeover a go

How to decorate a plant pot
(Image credit: Rust-Oleum)

Looking for a quick craft ideas? Here's how to decorate a plant pot. These DIY terrazzo planters are super easy, bang on trend and you don't need to be a skilled artist to make them. 

Created by craft designer Sophie Tarrant, this simple terrazzo paint project from Rust-Oleum has got us all wanting to show our plants some extra love by displaying them in a colourful planter like this. Plus, it means you've finally got a use for all those tester pots of paint currently gathering dust in the garage. 

Want to give it a try? Read on for how to achieve it in four simple steps. For more garden ideas, head to our hub page. Find tons of craft ideas on our dedicated page, too.

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How to decorate a plant pot

Trio of plant pots given a DIY terrazzo paint effect

(Image credit: Rust-Oleum)

You will need:

range of paint supplies from Rust-Oleum

(Image credit: Rust-Oleum)

Step one: prep your plant pot

Spray painting a plant pot for an upcycling project

(Image credit: Rust-Oleum)

If you can't make it to the shops to buy a new plant pot to decorate, why not upcycle one you already have in the house and give it a new on-trend look?

Thoroughly clean the pot and allow to dry. Place it on some newspaper or an old sheet and make sure you're working in a well ventilated space, ideally outside if the weather is good. 

Spray with the surface primer and allow to dry. Apply a thin layer of paint in your chosen colour, allow to dry, then add a second coat. This project uses Rust-Oleum's Chalky Finish Furniture Paint

Step two: start decorating your plant pot

upcycling a plant pot using Rust-Oleum paint

(Image credit: Rust-Oleum)

Using a dry paint brush, dip the tip into a small pot of paint. It's best to use a water-based paint that's suitable for indoor and outdoor use – this project uses Rust-Oleum's Painter's Touch

Use your fingers to flick small flecks of paint all over the surface of the plant pot. Leave to dry. 

Step three: create the terrazzo effect

upcycling a plant pot with Rust-Oleum paint

(Image credit: Rust-Oleum)

Using a smaller paintbrush and a range of different colours, you can now create further decorative details by adding small splodges of paint on the plant pot. Try not to create too uniform a pattern as the more random it is, the more effective the plant pot looks. 

Step four: seal your design 

upcycling a plant pot with Rust-Oleum paint

(Image credit: Rust-Oleum)

To seal your finished paint effect, use two coats of clear spray to protect it from damage. Allow each coat to dry throughly. 

A trio of designs filled with your favourite plants will make an eye-catching and fun display in any corner of your home. All that's left to do now is keep your houseplants alive – easier said than done in our experience! 


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