How often to water philodendron plants — pros say this is the trick to nailing their hydration needs

You might be wondering how often to water philodendron plants, and we have all of the intel right here

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Wondering how often to water philodendron plants? The leafy beauty is one of the most popular selections amongst plant parents, but that doesn't necessarily mean we can treat it the same way we do its green companions. 

The philodendron has its own specific needs so we’ve spoken to green-thumbed plant experts for their insight into why this plants leaves turn yellow, what that means about their watering schedule, and how to get it just right.

If you're keen on letting one of the most beloved indoor plants flourish in your home, turn to the experts for a deep dive into the philodendron's watering requirements.

How often to water philodendron plants 

The lovely selection, which was rightfully selected as 1-800-Flower's 2024 Plant of the Year, has also been dubbed an easy houseplant due to its no-fuss watering schedule. 

According to Alfred Palomares, vice president of merchandising at 1-800-Flowers, these plants should be on a weekly watering schedule, particularly while they're growing. But they won't take kindly to being overhydrated.  

"Too much water can drown the plant and cause root rot," Alfred says. "Yellowing or browning leaves will often signal to plant parents that their plant has been sitting in too much water."

When caring for houseplants like the philodendron, you have to pay attention to the soil. Should you think it's time for a sip of H20, see whether or not the soil is wet or dry. If it's still moist, hold off about a week before watering. 

"Be sure your planter has good drainage to allow any excess water to drain away from your plant," Alfred adds. "Plant parents can check the soil by using the finger test to see if the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry."

One of our favorite plant accessories to help with just that is the GROWIT Soil Water Monitor for Plants on Amazon. But keep in mind, watering is not the only way to keep a plant thriving. The philodendron also needs vitamin D. 

"The amount of light your plant receives can also determine how quickly it will absorb water and how often you should water it," Alfred says. "While this plant will grow in low light, it will truly thrive in bright indirect light. So, if you ever change the level of sun it receives, be sure to check the soil in between drinks."

But as enticing as it might be to put the plant on your kitchen windowsill, be warned that direct light might scorch the leaves, so it's best to stick to the bright/indirect route, wherever that might be when you're gardening in an apartment.  

Alfred Palomares
Alfred Palomares

Alfred Palomares is the vice president of merchandising, and resident plant dad at He chooses to style the 2024 Flower of the Year on his dining room table and the 2024 Plant of the Year amongst the rest of his greenery collection.

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