How often to water aloe vera plants — from green-thumbed gardening experts

Experts share how often to water aloe vera plants to keep yours healthy and hydrated

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If you're a new gardener, you'll need to know how often to water aloe vera plant so your greenery stays happy and healthy. While it's a pretty low-maintenance plant with other handy uses including skincare, aloe can go wrong if watered incorrectly. 

Not enough H2O and your plant will dry out and turn brown. Too much, and the leaves may become become waterlogged and drop off. Luckily, our green-thumbed plant experts have all the answers.

While nailing the watering for an aloe vera plant may seem a little intimidating, you can get the balance just right with our expert advice. We've rated it as one the best indoor plants as you can use it for so many purposes so it's worth the effort.

How often to water aloe vera plants

Before picking up a new one at your local nursery, do some research on how to grow aloe vera as you might be able to cultivate one instead. Check you have the right sun requirements and your environment is a good fit.  

Luckily, aloe vera is a pretty easy house plant to take care of so don't stress too much. One of the most common aloe vera plant care problems gardeners run into is maintaining its water level. 

We recommend watering an aloe vera plant about once every two weeks. In the colder winter months, drop this down to about once a month. 

"How often you water will depend on the conditions your succulent is kept in," says Nastya Vasylchyshyna, botany expert at Plantum.  "In winter, when temperatures are cool and there’s little natural lighting, you only need to water your plants once every three to four weeks."

During the active growing period, succulents generally require watering about once every one to two weeks, depending on the species. It's always a good idea to check the plant care label when you buy yours, and make a note of it somewhere you won't forget. Try adding a repeating calendar reminder to prompt you to check in with your aloe every seven to 10 days.

Nastya Vasylchyshyna of Plantum
Nastya Vasylchyshyna

Nastya Vasylchyshyna is a professional botany expert for the Plantum app that helps identify plants and plant diseases and provides care recommendations. She has four years' experience consulting on botany-related topics for Plantum.

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How to tell if aloe vera needs water

You can make knowing how often to water succulents a lot easier by investing in this GROWIT Soil Water Monitor for Plants on Amazon. A soil monitor will confirm if your plant needs water by assessing the moisture levels. 

If you'd prefer to go the old-fashioned route, look for some tell-tale signs of dehydration. 

"Keep an eye out for leaves that start to shrivel or lose their plumpness. Another sign is if the soil has been dry for a while, so always check the soil before watering to avoid overdoing it," says Bryan Clayton, CEO and co-founder at Green Pal.

If your environment is very dry and warm, you may have to increase your watering schedule. But if it's cooler and damp, you'll want to reduce watering.

Bryan Clayton
Bryan Clayton

Bryan is the CEO and co-founder at Green Pal, a platform connecting customers to lawn care experts in their area throughout the United States. Given all types of environments he's worked with, he is very well-versed in all types of floral and plant-care needs. 

Add some greenery to your space by creating an indoor garden complete with aloe vera. This versatile plant can be used for skincare and medicinal purposes, so you'll want to make sure it's leaves are hydrated and plump by watering regularly to keep it happy as possible, for as long as possible. 

Pair your aloe vera plants with tropical indoor plants for a summery feel. You'll be in an indoor paradise in no time. 

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