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GHD Helios review: our thoughts on the new GHD hair dryer

We've tried and tested the new GHD Helios hair dryer. Is it worth the three figure price tag? We find out...

GHD Helios Hair Dryer - Professional Hairdryer (White) in use by woman in front of mirror
(Image credit: GHD)
Real Homes Verdict

A super-smooth hairdryer – looks and performance wise – that'll blow-dry your hair in a matter of minutes while leaving an impressive finish.

Reasons to buy
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    Great for frizz

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    Good gift

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    2 years manufacturer's guarantee

Reasons to avoid
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    May be heavy for some

Looking to buy the GHD Helios? This is currently rated the best hair dryer money can buy – we tested it after its release and have been wowed ever since. This hair dryer is GHD's newest release, while it took eight years to design and develop. Hairdressers over the country are already using it on clients (and themselves) and we can more than understand why. This hair dryer does more than dry hair fast, in fact, it leaves your hair feeling smooth and looking shiny, while it also looks the part and it doesn't retail at a bank-breaking price. As with all other GHD products, the GHD Helios will be sure to last you a good few years of blow drying. Rest assured the price will pay for itself. No more weekly visits to the salon necessary.

We tested this hair dryer on past-shoulder length, pretty thick hair that is prone to flyaways, so the hairdryer had a lot to take on. Keep scrolling to read our thoughts...

GHD Helios specifications:

GHD Helios Hair Dryer - Professional Hairdryer (Black)

(Image credit: GHD)
  • Colours: 6
  • Attachments: 3 (one included)
  • Speeds: 3
  • Heat settings: 3
  • Cool shot function: Yes
  • Cord length: 3m UK, 9ft US
  • Weight: 0.78kg 
  • Plug: UK three pin or US two pin

Who will the GHD Helios suit?

The GHD Helios will suit anyone with hair! Obviously if you have thick hair then it will take a little longer to dry than someone who has fairer hair, but it will cater for anyone.

GHD Helios: setup

GHD Helios with box, mint

(Image credit: GHD)

Once you've removed the GHD Helios from the lovely box it arrived in and unwrapped it from the plastic bags (not ideal but there were only a few, and they could be used for something else) then you're golden. It was a bit tricky to put the nozzle on – push don't twist – but that, and plugging it into the mains, was the only real part of setting up. 

GHD Helios: ease of use 

Using the GHD Helios was a dream. It has a mega powerful airflow of 120kmh, which took me by surprise the first time I tried it. My hair which usually took a good few minutes to get dry-to-the-touch, took less than one minute with this hair dryer. And I was blown-away to see that I had NO flyaways and NO frizz.

What I would say though is that on initial power up, on the top power control, I noticed that there is a split second time lag until any air comes through. After this though, the hairdryer is super quick to get up to temperature (there's two to choose from, plus a cool shot) and blow dried my hair in no time at all.

GHD Helios: design

GHD Helios design: all different colours

(Image credit: GHD)

Hair dryers are very much an accessory, rather than a tool, now so when I saw a selection of colours available to choose from it instantly caught my attention. I tested the GHD Helios in the ink blue colourway, but it is also available to buy in in mint, white, black, plum and powder pink. The varying colours of the plastic shell is also covered in a smooth coating that feels almost like silicone to the touch, which gives it a wonderful, luxurious feel.  

It does have a fairly well balanced design when holding, but what I would say is that it was a little heavier than what I was expecting on initial pick up. This is something you do not notice, however, when drying your hair.

The GHD Helios also has a 3m long cable which is ideal if your mirror is some distance away from your plug like mine is.

GHD Helios: verdict

In GHD's own words, 'For your most glamorous blow-dry to date...', and I would agree, if it was bought for me as a gift. Retailing at £159 for just the hairdryer, let alone any accessories you may require to buy with it, the GHD Helios certainly wouldn't be an impulse buy but is one which is to be considered an investment. It is a really brilliant example of hairdryer engineering, and it certainly worked wonders on my hair. It does come with a two year manufacturer's guarantee so it would be a confident purchase, too.

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