This portable patio heater was on our wishlist, now it’s on sale at Amazon...

It's the best time to invest in a patio heater and we've spotted this portable beauty on Amazon. Check it out and look forward to a super toasty winter at home

Swan Al Fresco SH16330N Portable Patio Heater in back garden under white bistro set
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Considering buying the best patio heater? Smart idea. This way you can socialise with your loved ones outside, safely, and in the warmth. Should you be in an area which bans households mixing inside (but allows it outside) of course. This portable little heater we've found at Amazon is great for small spaces and it's super cheap at only £115. Not only that but it's safe to use around kids and pets, and it's easily movable with a carry handle.

Now just £115 down from £124.99, it's a very smart time to buy a patio heater. The weather is due to get cold(er) very soon, and this patio heater can be used day or night. See this Amazon deal below and get buying.

Swan Al Fresco SH16330N Portable Patio Heater

Swan Al Fresco SH16330N Portable Patio Heater | £124.99 £115.75 at Amazon
With a 1,200 watts of power behind it, this patio heater will definitely keep your guests (and you) warm and cosy. Place it wherever you like – atop a table, in between chairs, under a table – and carry it around your garden with ease. It's lightweight, compact and it has a built-in handle. Oh, and its power cord measures 1.8 metres.

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Not only does this patio heater play the part, but it looks the part, too. For instant warmth day or night, it's great. And it's designed with a highly effective carbon fibre heating element to distribute heat evenly. Use it day or night, on a patio or in a garden or even on your terrace, and it's even waterproof. Its 360-degree tip-over safety switch makes it safe to use, meaning that it will switch off automatically if blown or kicked over. Interested? We thought so.

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