This lightbulb hides a security camera you can monitor from your phone

Looking for a budget friendly security camera? This lightbulb not only has a hidden camera that connects to your phone, you can talk through it and it needs no wiring!

ShamBo Light Bulb Security Camera
(Image credit: ShamBo)

Interested in buying a security camera to keep your home safe as the evenings draw in? If you want to avoid the faff and save money, this is it: a lightbulb security camera that doesn't require any wiring, connects with your smartphone via an app for live-viewing and of course, doubles as a lightbulb, too. We know. Genius. 

And the best part (other than it needing no messy drilling and being really affordable)? Potential thieves won't even know it's there.

Other things we love about it: it could also be used as a pet cam (or a teen cam – no more denials from them that they made all that mess), and since it offers a 360 degree view there are zero blind spots. Desperate to buy a video doorbell but can't afford the price tag? Simply pop this lightbulb in your porch light and you've saved $100.

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ShamBo Light Bulb Security Camera

(Image credit: ShamBo)

A light bulb security camera is a great buy for those who are often away, offering peace of mind that belongings and pets are safe. 

How does it work? Simply enough, the device screws into an existing light socket; you'll need to connect it to your Wi-Fi by downloading the compatible smartphone app. Then all you need to do is follow the steps and you're all set up. Installation is easy peasy. Also, recharging isn't necessary since it's powered from your light socket. 

The lightbulb camera's app will notify you of movement, it allows you to see the entire room thanks to its fish eye lens, and you can talk through it. You'll be pleased to hear that this camera also works at night time since it features IR lights built in that automatically turn on when it detects darkness. Clever, huh?

You can buy the ShamBo Light Bulb Security Camera from Amazon US for $27.99, and those in the UK can purchase a similar one, the Moclever IP Light Bulb Security Camera for just £22.99.