This 3-in-1 slow cooker is genius! And will make Christmas dinner a breeze...

The triple slow cooker allows you to make three dishes in one go

Gourmet 3.9-litre triple slow cooker
(Image credit: Argos)

The hard truth? Making Christmas dinner is a lot less fun than eating it: all those different pans, and the having to remember when the different dishes go in the oven. And if you have a small oven, then juggling all the different trays and pots can feel like an impossible game of Tetris. 

Enter the slow cooker: if some of your meal can go into one, life suddenly becomes a whole lot easier. But what if you could cook ALL your Christmas dinner trimmings in one go, without even needing to remember what goes in when? 

Now it can! The Gourmet 3.9-litre triple slow cooker has three separate bowls that can be set to different temperatures, so you can use it to cook and keep different dishes warm at the same time. Genius! 

The bowls are dishwasher safe, too (hallelujah). This triple slow cooker costs £70 at Argos, which we think is a bargain. Makes a great Christmas gift, too.

You know what we think this will do especially well? Reheat all the leftovers on Boxing Day – you can simply bung in the ingredients, reheating the meat on high and veggies on low, for a perfect temperature match. A worthwhile festive investment that will make life (a bit) easier on the day. 

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