Paracetamol: these shops will post it out or you can click and collect

Running out of paracetamol? These places still have stock. Order and collect or pay for delivery now

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Struggling to find paracetamol in the shops at the moment? It's no surprise: with people stockpiling everything from pasta to toilet rolls, you've got no hope of picking up a box in store. What about online? Even then, you still struggle: several sites such as Boots, Waitrose and Savers are having to either stop orders early each day or have a seemingly endless online queue to keep up with orders.

Whether you're experiencing mild Coronavirus symptoms or just want to be prepared, we've found paracetamol stock at both Asda and Tesco. Add it to your basket now. If not, we've found click and collect options or paracetamol that can be delivered to your door. 

Head over to our health and beauty page for tips on looking after your physical and mental health during this uncertain time.

Where to buy paracetamol?

Paracetamol offers:

ASDA Paracetamol 500mg Tablets x 16 | 30p from Asda
These paracetamol tablets are in stock at Asda right now. Remember to save some for others – only buy what you and your family need!View Deal

Alexander's Paracetamol 500mg Tablets X 16 | 39p at Superdrug
You can order this paracetamol now and collect it in 30 minutes from a store near you. View Deal

Bells Healthcare Paracetamol 500Mg Tablet 16S | 75p at Tesco
Add a few packets of these to your food shop and you're sorted. Haven't got one booked already? It's a smart idea to do so: slots are going up to two weeks in advance. Also, Tesco have an 80 item maximum for orders at the moment.View Deal

LloydsPharmacy Paracetamol 500mg 32 Caplets | £1 at Lloyds Pharmacy
There are 35 tablets in this box and it can be ordered online and delivered to your house. View Deal

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