Make sure your home insurance covers accidental damage with kids at home for summer

Home insurance alert! August is peak time for accidental damage claims – and we guarantee you that bored kids are at least part of the reason

The rear exterior of the house with the new two-storey extension clad in wood
(Image credit: Katie Lee)

August is the time for summer holidays, ice cream, and... a higher number of home insurance claims for accidental damage than any other month of the year. We can only speculate why this might be the case, but it doesn’t take a detective to spot the link between bored kids at the end of their summer holidays and accidental damage in the home. From broken windows to overturned TVs, boisterous play time at home can result in any number of (costly) mishaps.

Which isn’t to say that all accidental damage at home is due to kids (we all know the red wine stains on the carpet owe something to the older members of the family). Rowdy parties and botched DIY jobs are actually leading causes of accidental damage in the home, from broken sinks and toilets to unintended hole drilling. 

So, if you’re about to take out home insurance, make sure there is an accidental damage clause, and have a careful read through of the terms so you know what’s covered. Is the accidental damage only for the building, or the contents, too? You can also speak to your insurer to see if it’s possible to have an accidental damage clause added when it comes to contract renewal – but do be prepared for your premiums to go up. On the plus side, you’ll then be covered for a range of potential issues, from a broken window to more serious events like fire.