HOT boiling water tap deals: grab one with 70% off in the Victoria Plum sale

Upgrade to a boiling water tap for less than £300 with the help of the Victoria Plum sale. Save 70% off all departments, including kitchen fittings

the best boiling water tap: grohe
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A boiling water tap can seem like a bit of a luxury, that is, until you have one and start to wonder how ever did you manage before. You get what it says on the tin, hot water taps really mean business and you'll get hot water in an instant. No more boiling the kettle for tea, or pasta...

Now, the best boiling water taps will set you back a few hundred pounds – unless there is a Victoria Plum sale on of course and my my, is this a good one.

Victoria Plum has a site-wide sale on right now, offering up to 70% off a number of lines. This not only includes all the bathroom and sanitaryware you would usually expect, but it also includes their wonderful kitchen department, and therefore – you guessed it – boiling water taps. So whether you have a kitchen project ahead of you and are sourcing a new tap, or fancy upgrading your current tap, grab a bargain with these boiling water tap deals.

Up to 70% off boiling water taps | Prices start from £296.10 on Victoria Plum
Get a high-quality boiling water tap from brands including Grohe, Bristan and Schon with up to 70% off in the Victoria Plum sale. Ends soon so go go go.View Deal

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