Get £5 Valentine's Day flowers with this discount code. Romantic AND purse-friendly – nice

Save money on classic red roses at Bunches if you order your Valentine's Day flowers today

Valentine's Day flowers: Red roses
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Have you ordered your Valentine's Day flowers yet? Don't worry that wasn't a judgy, loaded, 'well why not?' question, it's in fact a good thing if you haven't because you can make the most of this fab deal that Bunches are offering right now. 

Today, Bunches are offering £5 off all their gorgeous bunches of red roses. You can't really go wrong with red roses on Valentine's Day can you? 

So get scrolling for the discount code and check out more of the best Valentine's Day gifts over in our buying guide. 

Bunches flowers

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Save £5 on red roses with code FIVEOFF
There are loads of gorgeous red roses over on Bunches, from a simple bunch with a few sprigs of eucalyptus to a more extravagant heart shaped bouquet. To get the discount simply pop the code FIVEOFF in at checkout. View Deal

You can pre-order your flowers right now so they arrive on the 14th and delivery is free (yay!). You can track your delivery too so you know that whoever you are sending them to will be in to receive them. The flowers are delivered just as they are amount to bloom so you get a whole week of freshness guaranteed.

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