Do you live in Britain's most polite town?

The most – and least – well-mannered UK cities have been uncovered in recent survey. What's yours like to live in (if you don't mind us asking)?

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Are the people friendly where you live? Do they queue respectfully or elbow past you to get on a bus? What about the neighbours – do yours say hello or pretend you're not there? 

Every village, town or city has its fair share of rude people, but have put the question 'how polite is your town?' to a vote. Using a tool created by Provident Personal Credit, the company asked thousands of respondents across the UK to rate their town for politeness on a scale from one to 10.  And the results are in...

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Worcester topped the list of the most polite towns, with Swansea and York not far behind. Wrexham and Newcastle can also be proud of high scores, while Birmingham, Bristol, Belfast, and London came in with the lowest scores. 

Having said that, even the cities at the bottom of the list all scored six and higher – perhaps not so unfriendly after all?