Coronavirus and energy bills: how to save on energy while working from home

Our energy bills will go up as we're working from home due to the Covid-19 outbreak; here's how to shop around to keep your bills down

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Our energy bills will be higher now that coronavirus has forced many of us to work from home. More laptop charging, kettle boiling, cooking... you get the idea. Just as the UK is preparing to no longer need to use the heating, the weather isn't quite warm enough to not need it yet, especially when you're sat down for long periods of time. 

Fear not: you can switch energy suppliers at any point, unless you're currently already on a fixed-rate 12-month contract. If you're still on a standard tariff with one of the Big Six, you should seriously consider shopping around. 

Of course, it's difficult to predict the exact amount an energy provider will charge you, since that's based on your location, property size, and exact energy usage. However, based on average use in a one-two bedroom home, Ofgem reveals that you could save as much as 30 per cent on your energy bill by switching; that's a difference between an annual bill of £1,254 and £873, which is substantial.

Which energy suppliers should you be looking at specifically? Again, the best thing to do is to use an energy comparison site that will ask you lots of detailed questions to help you find the best energy deal. We can say, though, that based on Ofgem data, Avro and Outfox the Market both offer tariffs that cost under £900 a year for a one-two bed home that has medium energy usage. If you do want to stay with one of the Big Six, give Scottish Power a good look – they have a Super Saver tariff that should bring you to under £1,000. 

Want to switch to renewable energy? Amazingly, you could still save even on a green tariff in comparison with a standard variable offering from the Big Six. Check out our buyer's guide to green energy suppliers to get a better idea of what's on offer.