7 Instagram-worthy bridal shower decorations you need this wedding season

Shower the beautiful bride-to-be with the help of these bridal shower decorations that will keep her blushing all day long!

bridal shower decorations for your backyard
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For the second year in a row, wedding season looks a bit different than year's past, but that doesn't mean the shower — or in this case, the bridal shower — can't go on. In fact, with the help of these bridal shower decorations, it can and will

See, after being cooped up in our homes for over a year, we've learned how to be innovative: who says you have to leave your home to celebrate? 

Not us — and, after investing in the best outdoor furniture, the only other thing you will need to throw the backyard bridal shower to end all other backyard bridal showers are a handful of sensational selections to pull the day together. And, fortunately, that's why we are here. 

From gorgeous glassware to perfectly pink pieces, these are the seven bridal shower decorations that will keep the blushing bride-to-be blushing all day long. 

The bridal shower decorations you need this wedding season

1. Start by covering your outdoor table with this romantic runner

bridal shower decorations: runner for table

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2. Take a trip down memory lane with this photo clip string

bridal shower decorations string for photos

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3. Make sure the good times keep on going (and gorgeous!) with these greenery-themed games

bridal shower decorations: games to play

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4. Capture the most Instagrammable moments with this bridal backdrop

bridal shower decoration: balloons for backdrop

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5. Cover tablescapes with this chic confetti

bridal shower decorations heart paper cutouts

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6. Add a dash of elegance with these beautiful blocks

bridal shower decorations: blocks for backdrops

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7. Balloons — more, and more balloons! 

bridal shower decorations balloons

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