Are HGTV budgets real? A Rock the Block star shares the truth

If you've ever wondered if they really stick to the budget, keep reading

hgtv budgets
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Whether it’s Flip or Flop or Rock the Block, there’s something seriously addictive about HGTV shows. But often, once we’ve witnessed the big reveal, we’re always left wondering, 'did they really stick to that renovation budget?'

And it seems like we've finally figured out the answer. Jasmine Roth, star of Hidden Potential and Rock the Block, has shared her knowledge of how the shows work.

hgtv budgets real

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Are HGTV budgets real?

In a recent blog post (opens in new tab), Jasmine Roth shed some light on the subject. ‘Before I had a TV show, when I was an HGTV fan just like you, I wondered this exact thing on every episode,’ she writes. ‘ARE THE BUDGETS REAL!?!’

It turns out, they are.

‘You aren’t going to believe it, but THEY’RE REAL!’ she says. ‘That’s right, believe it or not, the number you see on the screen is the actual number,' Jasmine says. 

'So for example, on HELP! I Wrecked My House you might see a grimy old kitchen and in what feels like the snap of a finger it transforms into a beautiful new, crisp, clean, Pinterest-worthy masterpiece and you think to yourself – NO WAY DID THAT COST WHAT THEY SAID IT DID. But I’m here to tell you, what you see is what you get.’

hgtv budgets

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The TV personality goes on to explain that while the budgets on her shows are 100 percent genuine, being on television brings many perks. As an example, tradespeople are keen to showcase their work to large audiences, allowing the team to do things more cheaply and efficiently than us watching at home.

Jasmine and her team also build houses for a living, meaning they have the knowledge, tradespeople, and contacts to make the process quicker. So while transforming a grimy kitchen is one hell of a job for the average person with a full-time job, for them, it’s literally what they do.

hgtv budgets

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Jasmine also shares a tip for fans of Rock the Block and Hidden Potential thinking of doing their own house renovation or buying a house. She recommends defaulting to professionals to help you set a budget - so speaking to a general contractor or real estate agent.

So, the budgets are real, but the potential publicity the show can bring brands is a currency of its own. And when you're renovating homes day in day out, you can really cut costs.

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