The best garden gifts for summer

Whether they like to grow their own, encourage wildlife, or simply have a bit of a boogie, we’ve got all the best gifts for your gardening friends and family members

The best garden gifts

Knowing someone who lives and breathes gardening can make gift-giving a dream, but at the same time, if you don’t know too much about the subject yourself, it can be a little more difficult to navigate. To help out, we’ve put together a selection of the best garden gifts, a carefully chosen list of things that’ll not only come in useful when they're gardening, but that are desirable as well. 

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What is the best garden gift?

There are few things more enjoyable when the weather starts to warm up than spending the day in the garden, so why not give them the gift of a soundtrack? Roberts’ Revival iStream 2 Smart Radio takes our top spot as a thoughtful, beautiful and functional gift that’ll bring hours of joy and can be used indoors as well as out. That’s not to say you have to have a big budget to find a great gift though. Keep reading to find out our best picks for wildlife lovers, weather-watchers, keen growers and more. 

The best garden gift is Roberts Revival istream 2 smart Radio

(Image credit: Roberts)

1. Roberts Revival iStream 2 Smart Radio

Best garden gift: with vintage looks and 21st-century capabilities, this Roberts radio offers the best of both worlds

Best for: Outdoor entertainment
Type: Radio
Streaming: Wi-Fi
Battery life: Up to 120 hours
Reasons to buy
+ Access a huge range of material with Wi-Fi streaming 

Whether they’re working or kicking back, a radio is always a welcome companion in the garden. And don’t be fooled by the sweet retro styling and high-end leather looks of this Roberts radio: it’s really quite clever. DAB-enabled, so they can enjoy internet radio as well as tuning into The Archers, and smart, so they can catch up on podcasts while they potter, it’s much more futuristic than its revival design would suggest. 

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The Botanical Wall Chart: Art from the Golden Age of Scientific Discovery is a perfect gift for a gardener

2. The Botanical Wall Chart: Art from the Golden Age of Scientific Discovery

Budding botanists and old hands alike will find much to love in this glorious volume

Best for: Plant lovers
Type: Book
Pages: 224
Author: Anna Laurent
Reasons to buy
+ Immersive prose; lots to learn 

It’s not always possible to get out in the garden, but that doesn’t mean they can’t indulge their plant-loving ways when the weather turns sour. This beautiful coffee table book brings together a glorious abundance of full-plate reproductions of nineteenth-century botanical charts alongside gorgeously illustrative prose from author Anna Laurent – no dry scientific text here. Even seasoned gardeners will find something to learn here, whether it’s the exotic habits of lesser-known plants or even a beautifully-rendered description or surprising feature of a plant we all know and love. 

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Wudwerx Handmade Single Tier Bee Hotel is one of the best garden gifts

3. Wudwerx Handmade Single Tier Bee Hotel

If the prospect of a nature garden has you all abuzz, consider this stylish bee hotel

Best for: Wildlife
Type: Bee hotel
Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 10cm
Material: Solid timber
Reasons to buy
+ Great choice of colours 

The presence of wildlife in the garden is a real pleasure, and something both young and old can enjoy. The best way to entice nature in? Give it a home, of course. Insect accommodation doesn’t come much more stylish than this bee hotel by Wudwerx, with a selection of different-sized apertures to suit Britain’s huge variety of solitary bees, and any non-bee friends that might come along for the ride. Choose from 10 eye-popping brights and elegant neutral shades to suit their garden scheme. 

Get more advice on how to create a wildlife garden in our guide.

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Terracotta Rhubarb Forcer is great as a garden gift

4. Terracotta Rhubarb Forcer

It looks good, and it grows a mean rhubarb – there’s hardly a better springtime companion

Best for: Growing your own
Type: Terracotta pots
Dimensions: H50 x Ø46cm (small); H60 x Ø46cm (large)
Reasons to buy
+ Excellent build quality; handsome design 

Perfect for friends who like to grow their own, especially those who have their birthdays in winter, this terracotta rhubarb forcer is a great example of a garden gift that both does good and looks good. While the forcing process can be achieved with as simple a bit of kit as an upside-down bucket, this terracotta forcer is a much more attractive option, with its traditional bell shape and classic good looks. It’s also tough enough to keep out that late-winter weather, as it’s fired to 1,080 degrees for optimum frost-resistance.

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Kew Gardens Gardening Gloves, a great garden gift

5. Kew Gardens Gardening Gloves

Protect from thorns, scrapes and other gardening mishaps with these sturdy gloves

Best for: Practical gift
Type: Gardening gloves
Material: Leather and spandex
Battery life: Medium, large
Reasons to buy
+ Close-fitting and flexible 

Even those more than happy to get their hands dirty can’t argue with the benefits of a good pair of gardening gloves, and these are the best of the bunch. Said to be ideal for DIY and general maintenance jobs as well as pruning, weeding and other garden potterings, they feature durable and stretchy spandex backs and contrasting cream leather palms, a handy inclusion for working with roses and other thorny plants. Reviewers loved the fit, too, finding them comfortable and not unwieldy as some chunkier gloves can be. 

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Jakoti Hand Shear is an elegant gift for gardeners

6. Jakoti Hand Shear

Well, if they’re good enough for Monty...

Best for: Perfectionists
Type: Hand shears
Material: Carbon steel
Reasons to buy
+ High-quality, stay-sharp blades 

Garden-proud giftees are sure to be impressed by these super-sharp Jakoti hand shears. With self-sharpening blades made from high carbon steel, they’re engineered to last an age and are loved by gardening professionals, the legendary Monty Don among them, for their ergonomic comfort, versatility and hard-wearing build. The low tension spring is designed for easy, comfortable operation with the minimum of effort, meaning you can prune, clip topiary or even, if the marketing is to be believed, shear sheep to your heart’s content. 

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Climemet Personalised Metallic Weather Dial is one of the best garden gifts

7. Climemet Personalised Metallic Weather Dial

Stay stylish and ahead of the game with this personalised weather dial

Best for: Weather watchers
Type: Weather dial
Material: Weatherproof copper casing
Reasons to buy
+ Decorative and practical 

More high-tech than a weathervane, much more charming than a weather app, help them upgrade their system with this personalised dial. Wall-mount it outdoors or indoors, or even pop it in the greenhouse to let them keep an eye on the atmospheric conditions that might affect their plants: pressure, temperature and humidity. It has a clear, easy to read face for all the relevant information at a glance, and the copper or bronze frame (your choice) can be engraved with a name or short message to make it extra personal.

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