Shopping edit: 7 best nursing chairs perfect for feeding

The best nursing chairs out there, including options with more support and stylish pieces

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Best nursing chairs 2021: Image of nursing chairs
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If one of the best nursing chairs is on your list of must-haves for your new baby's room, then you're in the right place, with a whole selection of top-rated chairs to make your choice much easier. Whether you're designing a brand new nursery or still deciding if the baby will be with you in your bedroom, a must-have piece of kit is a comfortable chair for feeds. Luckily for you, we've rounded up seven top picks that are as cosy as they are good looking – for your enjoyment as much as theirs.

If you're on the hunt for more baby buys, then see our best cot mattress guide to ensure your little one gets a good night's sleep. Otherwise, we've put together a list of the most suitable chairs for nursing, across a range of all styles and budgets – with some that are specifically designed to be nursing chairs and others that are intended to blend comfort and style. 

If you need more support with learning how to design a nursery then head over to our nursery room ideas for more inspiration. 

The best nursing chairs

Best nursing chair: Image of Kub Haywod nursing chair

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1. Kub Chatsworth Glider Nursing Chair and Foot Stool

The best nursing chair you can buy right now

Material: Polyester
Reasons to buy
+Reasonable price+Stylish but practical design +7 recline positions available 
Reasons to avoid
-A slightly expensive choice

If you want to invest in a specialist nursing chair then this Kub Chatsworth is a great choice. The design is subtle and yet completely functional, and will look super cute in the corner of your bedroom or your nursery.

You can pick from seven recline positions to maximise comfort, and there's also a gentle rocking mechanism to help you and your baby relax at all times. Plus, the seat itself is nice and wide, so you won't feel cramped at any point. The extra footstool adds more support too, making this chair one you'll be able to slip into comfortably at any point in the day. 

Best nursing chair: Image of Pottery Barn chair

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2. Pottery Barn Kids Modern Wingback Reclining Nursing Chair

The best nursing chair for different functions

Material: Hardwood frame with extra-thick padding
Reasons to buy
+Subtle design to suit any style +Reclines for the perfect feeding postions
Reasons to avoid
-On the more expensive side -No rocking motion

This nursing chair from Pottery Barn Kids looks just like a normal addition to any bedroom, but still has excellent functionality that will make life easier for you and your little one. Recline with ease using the subtle button on the side, and settle into the perfect position without issue. 

The winged back design of this chair and the rolled armrests also offer much needed shoulder and elbow space, so that you won't feel restricted in your movements. The mechanism that helps you move this Pottery Barn chair is also quiet, which is essential for those fighting for more sleep whenever they can get it. If you need a chair that rocks, then this option won't tick that box for you, but it is a stylish option for anyone who doesn't see that as a necessity. 

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3. Elvi Accent Armchair & Footstool

The best nursing chair if you're on a budget

Material: Polyester
Reasons to buy
+Classic style +Amazing price 
Reasons to avoid
-The armrests might be limiting for some -Doesn't recline

For those who don't want a chair that's specifically been designed for nursing, this gorgeous is a classic addition to a home, at a steal of a price. Available in four different colours, including one sheepskin option, this chair is fitting for any modern bedroom, and has a cute matching footstool for the price too. 

When it comes to the design, it has a wide seat perfect for adjusting into a comfortable position. Though it doesn't recline, it's sturdy in its design, and will allow you to settle into it properly. If you don't want a dedicated nursing chair, this is a versatile option that you can rework into your space even after you've stopped needing it for nursing.

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Best nursing chair: Obaby chair

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4. Obaby Deluxe Reclining Glider Chair and Stool

The best nursing chair for a range of seated positions

Material: Wooden frame, microfibre cushion
Reasons to buy
+Great price+Microfibre cushion+Gentle gliding motion of the chair+Adjustable back rest 
Reasons to avoid
-A more traditional design 

This Obaby Deluxe Reclining nursing chair ticks all the boxes if you need an affordable, but still high-quality option to settle into. You can choose from a range of seven different positions with this chair, which is great if you often find yourself restless. Not only is there a stool included with this choice, but it's also designed to match the rocking motion of your chair, so that drifting your little one off to sleep is easy and comfy. 

There's practical measures taken with this chair too, including the arm cushions which have a handy pocket to keep books and toys within reach. The soft grey tones of this chair would make a subtle addition to plenty of rooms too. 

Best nursing chairs: chair

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5. Kolton Rocking Chair

The best nursing chair for rocking your baby to sleep

Material: Polyester
Reasons to buy
+A statement chair +Available in a range of colours
Reasons to avoid
-Might be too big for smaller nurseries 

This Kolton chair features a wide seat and has a thick cushioning material, giving it all the right specifications for a nursing seat. It's other huge draw is that it's a  statement chair that is bound to earn your compliments from your friends and family, and can be integrated into the decor of your home without thinking about it.

Available in a range of colours including marl grey and yolk yellow, this chair adds a pop of fun to your space. It doesn't restrict you with any rigid sides, so that you can seat yourself however you like. It might not be for everyone to miss out on that structure, but if you want a more all-purpose chair, then this bold choice is a great one when it comes to style. 

Best nursing chair: Image of Mamas and Papas nursing chair

(Image credit: Mamas and Papas)

6. Bowdon Nursing Chair & Footstool

The best nursing chair with a high-back

Material: Velvet fabric
Reasons to buy
+Six different colour options+Option to buy without stool+Gentle rocking motion
Reasons to avoid
-Traditional style isn't for everyone

This Bowden chair is a high-quality purchase for anyone who knows they want a structured option for their nursing period. Kitted out with a co-ordinating footstool and a high back with armrests, you'll feel supported in this chair at all times, and able to soothe your baby to sleep thanks to the rocking motion too. 

This chair also has a secret power in the fact that it has a reversible cushion cover, incase it does end up gaining stains you can't get rid of so easily. Available in six different colours and manufactured in the UK, though this chair is a little more pricey, you're definitely getting what you pay for when it comes to quality. 

Best nursing chair 2021: Image of Tutti Bambini chair

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7. Tutti Bambini Oscar Rocking Chair

The best nursing chair for ergonomic support

Material: Brushed cotton
Reasons to buy
+Back support cushion+High quality materials
Reasons to avoid
-Needs to be spot or professionally cleaned

Sink into luxury with this Oscar chair from Tutti Bambini, which has lots of ergonomic features for that extra comfortable experience. That includes a supportive back cushion and pine rocking bars, so that you can drift off to sleep whenever possible (which we appreciate might not be often!). 

Available with a knitted pouffle, this chair looks ultra-luxurious too, in either a soft pebble grey or a neutral beige colour. For such a high quality item, the price is pretty affordable too and though it's designed with practicality in mind, it's subtle enough that guests might not even notice. 

How to choose the best nursing chair

Comfort is key but as you can see, there are plenty to choose from that look great too. Something with a slight recline is good for getting into a comfy position where you aren't leaning over baby as you feed. And something that rocks or has a footstool will help get you into the best feeding pose. 

We would then recommend checking how easy the fabric will be to clean. Accidents happen during feeding – be it a bit of milky sick or worse – so be armed with a muslin to protect your clothes, but find washable upholstery. Some can be treated against stains, or just find cushions that can be unzipped and have their covers thrown in the wash.