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Get rid of mildew and more with our pick of the best mould spray buys

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Tphe best mould spray will eliminate the annoying black marks that appear in many people's bathrooms and kitchens – and sometimes in more unusual places. We've rounded up the best products for tackling mould growth – but please bear in mind that if mould is caused by a structural issue in the home, a spray won't solve it. 

We present a selection of the most effective sprays, as well as a brush-on product that is great for tiles in bathrooms. These can be safely used around the home – just remember to open the windows as you use it – but we have also found a bleach-free option for those who are worried about using harsh chemicals in the home.

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Best mould sprays

Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover

1. Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover

The very best mould spray, bar none

Best for: All-rounder
Type: Spray
Size: 750ml
Reasons to buy
+Cruelty free and vegan+No need to scrub+Can be used on multiple surfaces+A little goes a long way
Reasons to avoid
-Extremely strong so follow instructions carefully-Comes out fast

A highly effective, fast-acting mould spray, Astonish mould and mildew blaster is our pick of the best mould spray you can buy. For use on walls, UPVC window frames, glass, plastic shower curtains and much more, a little goes a long way to remove mould stains and most of all, kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria. Spray it on the affected area, leave for around 10 minutes and wipe clean. No scrubbing required – it's as simple as that. Because this mould and mildew blaster is so strong and effective, be careful when spraying as it does come out fast, and if you spray too much on your walls or leave it on for too long, it could remove paint or make it run.

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HG Mould Spray

2. HG Mould Spray

The best mould spray for bathrooms

Best for: Bathroom
Type: Spray
Size: 500ml
Reasons to buy
+Good for tiles and grout+Multi purpose
Reasons to avoid
-Smell is strong

It's easy for bathrooms to develop mould, but it can be extremely difficult to get rid of, especially if the stains are deep into your sealant or grout. This mould spray is very effective at getting at tough mould stains (and it can be used to remove coffee or tea stains from worktops, too). Spray HG mould spray on to the affected area and leave for around 10 minutes. Rinse off with water and a sponge, and if there's still a stain, repeat the process. As with the majority of mould removers, this spray does smell quite strong.

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Blitz That Mould Brush-On Mould Remover Gel

3. Blitz That Mould Brush-On Mould Remover Gel

Ideal for targeting hard to reach areas

Best for: Targeting areas
Type: Brush
Size: 250ml
Reasons to buy
+Little to no smell+Great for targeting areas
Reasons to avoid
-Comes out fast so product is sometimes wasted-Brush needs washing frequently-Not suitable for use on enamel, marble, aluminium, wood and granite

An ideal product if you have mould growing near wires or in an intricate place where a precise application is required, this mould remover has a brush head so you can apply product directly to target the affected area. It also works within minutes, and doesn't have a very strong smell, which is a bonus. Using the brush, spread the gel evenly over the stain and leave to work for 30 minutes. Wipe with a wet cloth and for very stubborn stains, repeat. You'll need to wash the brush head during application over a large area or you'll spread the mould, but overall it's a pretty effective product. Be warned: it comes out fast and it cannot be used on enamel, marble, aluminium, wood and granite.

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Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Removal Spray

4. Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Removal Spray

Need to get mould out from your tiles? This will do the trick

Best for: Tiles
Type: Spray
Size: 435ml
Reasons to buy
+Comes out lightly+Works great on grout
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn't work so well on silicone sealant 

With a different spray head to give a lighter application, Cif Perfect Finish Mould Stain Removal Spray removes black mould stains from tiles within minutes. An ideal product to have in your bathroom cleaning basket. Spray it onto the mould from a distance and leave the product to work for 15 to 20 minutes. You can then either rinse with water or let the product dry on its own. While it doesn't do an amazing job on silicone (which, in our experience, is a difficult surface to remove mould from once it's established anyway), it can transform an otherwise rundown bathroom very quickly. 

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Ecozone Mould Remover

5. Ecozone Mould Remover

An eco-friendly mould remover which is bleach free

Best for: Eco-friendly
Type: Spray
Size: 500ml
Reasons to buy
+Eco-friendly+Bleach free+Vegan; cruelty-free+Pet friendly+Recyclable
Reasons to avoid
-Won't work on tough mould or on silicone 

This non-toxic bleach-free mould cleaner is ideal for those who are eco-conscious. It acts to remove mould fast and can be used on several surfaces. The best part is that because it's bleach free and non-toxic, it has little to no smell and is safe to use around pets. To use, simply spray on the (dry) affected area and wait until the product dries. Wipe clean with a damp cloth afterwards. Because the product has no bleach in, it won't work on stubborn mould or mould which is deep into silicone or grout (but then even the toughest products sometimes struggle with this). Other than that, in our opinion, this is the best mould spray for eco-friendly homes.

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How to buy the best mould spray

Application method

Now, we know this is a list of the best mould sprays, but there's one product that comes of a brush for tidier application on those intricate areas. 

Best for...

Perhaps you're eco-conscious and want a mould spray that is non-toxic, or you need something to specifically remove mould from your bathroom; whatever the problem, purchase a product to specifically target that area. If not, go for our first pick, Astonish Mould & Mildew Remover, which can remove mould from just about anywhere. 


As with the majority of cleaning products, once you've sprayed mould remover, you should open your windows to allow air to circulate the room as the smell can be overpowering.

How to prevent mould from coming back

Mould likes damp, cool conditions, so eliminate the two as much as possible. The two key factors to preventing mould from reappearing in your home are: 1) ventilation, and 2) appropriate heating. Air your house regularly, even in winter (10 minutes a day during cold months is fine). Homes that aren't adequately heated are especially prone to mould: you need the dry air to discourage the spores from growing. 

Finally, if the problem is serious, you'll need to invest in damp proofing and insulation. If you're in rented accommodation, it's your landlord's legal responsibility to make sure your home is structurally sound to prevent damp and mould. Don't be afraid to contact your local council about this problem. 

Find out more about how to insulate your home in our guide.

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