Best clothes steamer: 5 buys for crease-free clothes

Creases be gone – with the help of the best clothes steamer

best clothes steamer
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The best clothes steamer is the solution to creased and rumpled clothes. Whether you're a frequent traveler and need to keep that business suit in pristine condition, or you need to d-crease that evening gown that's been folded and stored in the attic for months, a clothes steamer will take care of garments. The best models will also sanitize and deodorize your items, leaving them fresh, without you needing to wash them or use the dry cleaners too often. Take a pick from our favorites below. 

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The best clothes steamers

Hilife Clothes Steamer

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1. Hilife Clothes Steamer

Best clothes steamer: small but mighty

Capacity: 240ml
Power: 700W
Weight: 1.7 pounds
Steam time: 14-16 minutes
Reasons to buy
+Quick to heat up+Compact+Powerful steam action
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn't shut off automatically when the tank is empty

This is one powerful, reliable clothes steamer. Despite its compact size, it will decrease literally anything, including thick bed sheets and suits.

Compact yet powerful

The HiLife is a lightweight, compact model that's easy to stick in your luggage while traveling, which is a bonus if you only ever use a carry-on bag. Despite its diminutive size, it does an amazing job of decreasing and refreshing even thick clothes. Try it on coats, suits, cotton sheets – you will be amazed by the result.

Up to 16 minutes continued steaming

For a clothes steamer of its size, this has a nice, large water tank that will give you enough water for continued steam action for about quarter of an hour. After that, you have to let it cool before refilling – something to bear in mind if you have a lot of steaming to do. There's no auto switch-off either, so keep an eye on the water tank.

Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer

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2. Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam Handheld Fabric Steamer

Best high-tech steam cleaner

Capacity: 6.6 ounces
Power: 1875 watts
Weight: 2lbs
Steam time: Up to 20 minutes
Reasons to buy
+Five settings+Kills bacteria+Built-in fabric creaser for pleats
Reasons to avoid
-Not cheap

Turbo-charge your clothes steaming with this super-powerful, smart steamer that can tackle any type of fabric. 

Different settings for different materials

The five settings on this clothes steamer are very handy and make it perform more like an advanced clothes iron. The lower settings will gently decrease delicate fabrics like organic cotton and silk, while the (very powerful) high settings are great for coats and bedding.

Anti-bacterial action

The powerful steaming action of this clothes steamer will eliminate 99.9 per cent of bacteria from surfaces. The fact that it has a ceramic plate means you can actually get it close enough to your garments to do the sanitizing. 

Build-in creasing action

If you need to put creases into your dress pants or a skirt, this will do the trick as well as if you'd taken your garment in for professional pressing. We just wish it wasn't twice the price of our top pick!

Rowenta® X’Cel Steam+

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3. Rowenta X’Cel Steam+

Best clothes steamer for ease of use: ready to go in 40 seconds

Capacity: 200ml/6oz
Power: 1600 watts
Weight: 3lbs
Steam time: Up to 10 minutes
Reasons to buy
+Easy and safe to use+Use vertically or horizontally+Powerful steam action 
Reasons to avoid
-A bit heavy-Tank could be bigger for the size

If you haven't used a clothes steamer before, this is a great model to start with.

Easy to use

Some clothes steamers can be a bid fiddly to use, because you have to hold them completely upright. Not this one – hold it whichever way you want, it'll still work and won't produce any condensation or spit boiling water at you. 

Two settings

There is the very powerful turbo setting that will de-crease and sanitize whatever you're steaming; try it on a mattress or your sofa cushions to see the powerful effect. The delicate setting is great for silk garments. 

Small tank for a bulky device

We just with the tank was a bit larger; this is quite a heavy steamer, and it's surprising it only runs for 10 minutes before you need to refill it. 

Conair Garment Steamer

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4. Conair Garment Steamer

Best budget clothes steamerL a decent steamer that won't break the bank

Capacity: 5 oz
Power: 110 watts
Weight: 3lbs
Steam time: Up to 5 minutes
Reasons to buy
+Heats up quickly+Great for traveling 
Reasons to avoid
-Short steam time

If you don't feel like spending a lot on a steam cleaner, this one will deliver for under $20. 

Easy to use and travels well

This is exactly the sort of thing you need if you're always in a hurry in the morning and need a freshly pressed shirt. It heats up in just a minute and will decrease garments fast. It's also compact and will fit easily in your carry-on.

Short steam time

This is not the model for steaming curtains or bed sheets, as it only produces steam fora bout five minutes before you have to refill. If you're planning on using a clothes steamer for large items, invest in one of the other models on our list.  

5. PureSteam Portable Garment Steamer

Best clothes steamer for curtains: the super-long cord makes this suitable for steaming just about anything

Capacity: 4.5 oz
Power: 110V
Weight: 1.13 lb
Steam time: Up to 10 minutes
Reasons to buy
+Very lightweight+Auto shut-off+Handles stay cool+Impressive steam time for a small model
Reasons to avoid
-Takes a while to heat up 

This is the model you need to reach the top of those curtains...

Impressive steam time 

This is a small, ultra-portable clothes steamer that weighs just over a pound and has a pretty small water tanks – and yet, it achieves an impressive 10 minutes of continuous steam time. With the ultra-long cord, this easily gives you enough time to do several garments – or your curtains. 

Safe to use

The auto shut-off means that you don't need to keep an eye on the water tank, and the cool-handle technology ensures you won't burn your hands on an overheated device. 

Long heat-up time

You just have to be patient with it when you've just plugged it in – it takes a full two minutes to heat up for use. 

How to choose the best clothes steamer

Water tank size vs. steam time

Ideally, you want to get the most time possible out of a single tank fill, so look out for models that do 10 minutes' continuous steaming or longer. If you'll only be using you clothes steamer for the occasional shirt in he morning, though, it doesn't really matter – go for a lightweight, less expensive model.


Some steam cleaners come with an auto shut-off mechanism when the tank is empty, but not all do. Also bear in mind that some models need to be held upright, or they'll spit hot water at you. 

Power vs. portability

Think about how you'll be using your steamer. Do you need the most powerful one, or the one that's easiest to carry in your luggage? You will have to compromise on one or the other, depending on your needs. Or get two and keep the heavier, more powerful one at home, while using the more lightweight one for travel. 

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