Best armchairs: 10 stylish seats for every room

Our pick of the best armchairs has you covered, whether you are after a super modern design or one that's more traditional. Take a seat and browse...

Best armchairs: 10 stylish seats for every room
(Image credit: John Lewis )

After the best armchair for your living room or bedroom? We know the score, you want it to look beautiful, make a statement but not overwhelm your room, and it has to suit your budget without having a budget look. It's a lot to ask of a single piece of furniture. So, to help you find this dream armchair that overcomes all these impossible combinations, we have rounded up our favourites. We've picked them out on their looks, obviously, but we're also confident that they're great value, well made buys, too.

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How to choose the best armchair

What kind of use will it get?

Armchairs see all kinds of use and abuse and are often subjected to much more than just being sat on. So when choosing a armchair first ask yourself: what are it's main purpose? Is it for essential extra seating or is it just going to be a bit of a decorative piece? Do you have kids or pets to consider? If so, you will need to choose your fabric carefully. 

How will it fit your living room layout?

Size is an obviously thing to consider too so make sure you plan your living room layout before you buy. 


Think about style too, obviously. We have included a complete mix of styles in our round up of the best armchairs, from traditional to super modern, so you will definitely find something to suit your space.  

Also consider how your armchair will look with the rest of the furniture in your living room. If you haven't gone with a matching sofa, pick an armchair that echoes the design of you sofa. While we love the whole mix and match look, it can go horribly wrong so try and tie your armchair and sofa together with colours, fabrics and shapes. 

If you need some tips on how to choose an armchair to ensure you buy quality, make sure you have a read through our guide. 

Nina accent chair from Anthroplogie

(Image credit: Anthroplogie)

1. Anthropologie Nina Accent chair

The best armchair

Dimensions: H79cm x W66cm x D59cm
Upholstery: pirinted cotton
Filling: foam and fibre
Self assembly: no
Colours: peach (shown) and turquoise
Reasons to buy
+Compact size+Well made+Stylish design 

We were completely drawn to colour and gorgeous print of this Nina accent chair from Anthropologie...

Why we like it:

Stylish design 

The pink and red combo is so on-trend at the moment, and the mix of three different prints really works. The Nina chair also comes in a beautiful turquoise and seafoam green combo, so if pink ain't your thing, check that out too. We admit some might think this on the expensive side, but it's a classic that will never go out of style and could be the piece to lift your entire space. 

Perfect for small spaces

If you are looking for the best armchair for a small living room, or the corner of your bedroom this would be perfect. It's not too bulky and the slimline, high legs mean light can easily flow through the chair, a must when choosing furniture for smaller spaces. 

High-quality finish 

The chair's hardwood frame makes it robust and the high-resiliency foam core cushions are wrapped in soft fibre padding so you are guaranteeing a firm, pretty structured seat that will keep its shape.

John Lewis & Partners Hendricks Accent Chair

(Image credit: John Lewis)

2. John Lewis & Partners Hendricks Accent Chair

The best Mid-century style armchair

Dimensions: H76.5cm x W73cm x D82cm
Upholstery: choice of materials
Filling: foam and fibre
Self assembly: no
Colours: marmalade (shown) plus 134 others
Reasons to buy
+Hundreds of colour options+Classic design 
Reasons to avoid
-Delivery times can be lengthy 

Are you a lover of Mid-century style? Well we reckon the Hendricks chair from John Lewis might be the one for you...

Why we like it:

Hundreds of colour choices 

You have literally hundreds of options when it comes to fabric, so you will definitely find a colour and fabric to suit your space. And you can also pick between a light or dark oak for the frame. 

Trendy Mid-century style 

The laid back style with exposed oak frame definitely has some 1950s' vibes. The steel grey fabric only adds to this, but as mentioned above you could really change the look and feel of this armchair depending on what upholstery you go for. Personally we would love to see it in a tweed or tartan print. Have a read through more of our Mid-century modern decorating ideas to find out how to style your new accent chair. 

Comfy seat 

The cushions have a foam core, with layers of fibre so it's comfy but you won't lose the clear structure that is synonymous with this kind of design. 

The cosy loveseat by Cox & Cox

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

3. Cox and Cox Cosy Loveseat

The best loveseat

Dimensions: H88cm x W127cm x D109cm
Upholstery: linen cotton blend or cotton velvet
Filling: fibre
Self assembly: no
Colours: mallow (shown) plus 11 others
Reasons to buy
+Good for larger rooms +Well made
Reasons to avoid

If you are after a slightly bigger armchair the Cosy Loveseat from Cox & Cox  is the way to go...

Why we like it:

Gorgeous colour choices

This custom-made loveseat can be upholstered in a soft linen cotton blend or a sumptuous cotton velvet in a choice of six colours. You can order samples, too; make sure you do that to see what it looks like in situ under different lights.

Suitable for all spaces 

A loveseat is perfect if you are working with a larger space that has room for more than one sofa, but would struggle to squeeze in two. It's also great it if you have a small living room that just won't cope with a full-size sofa, but you still want some super comfy and cosy. 

Great quality 

Cox and Cox make really high-quality furniture, and yes that is reflected in the price but all of their sofas and armchairs are custom-made; every piece made is hand-cut, sewn, upholstered and valeted to exacting standards. This is an investment piece that's really going to last. 

Stanley accent chair

(Image credit:

4. Stanley accent chair

The best leather armchair

Dimensions: H85cm x W84cm x D90cm
Upholstery: Split leather
Filling: fibre
Self assembly: no
Colours: chesnut brown
Reasons to buy
+Unique design +Supportive seat 
Reasons to avoid
-No colour choices 

We love the Stanley accent chair and its twist on the more traditional leather armchair...

Why we like it:

Unusual design 

The Stanley armchair has a really smooth, slender, modern design that you don't often get with leather armchairs. The slimline frame also makes it perfect for a small living room as there are no bulky legs preventing light from travelling through. 

Comfortable seat 

The Stanley armchair is just slightly reclined to allow for maximum comfort. The sides are at the perfect height for resting your arms and the curve of the back is surprisingly supportive. 

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Dunelm velvet armchair

(Image credit: Dunelm )

5. Dunelm Natalia Velvet Chair

The best velvet armchair

Dimensions: H88cm x W78cm x D91cm
Upholstery: velvet
Filling: foam and polyester
Self assembly: part assembly
Colours: rose pink (shown) and cornflower blue
Reasons to buy
+Classic design +Comfy seat 
Reasons to avoid
-Quite bulky

Want to make a statement in your space? The Natalia Velvet Chair is the best armchair for you...

Why we like it: 

Classic button-back style

It was the curved silhouette, sumptuous velvet and button-back details that drew us to this armchair. It's just the perfect amount of statement – people are going to notice it, but it's not going to massively clash with anything else going on in your room.

Sturdy design 

Despite looking like it might be style over substance, this armchair is really well designed and made to last. It has a sturdy hardwood frame, and the cushions have a foam core so it will keep its shape. 

Quick delivery 

We have noticed that a lot of our best picks have delivery times of up to 12 weeks, which you do expect when buying sofas or armchairs. This chair, however, can be with you in just three days!

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Hykkon armchair

(Image credit: Wayfair)

7. Jolene Ducon Lounge Chair and Footstool

The best armchair and footstool combo

Dimensions: H88cm x W71cm x D86cm
Upholstery: polyester fabric
Filling: foam
Self assembly: no
Colours: light grey (shown) and 7 other colours
Reasons to buy
+Affordable +Foot stool included
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best quality 

If you are after the best cheap armchair, Hykkon's Jolene Ducon Lounge Chair and Footstool is a budget-friendly option that will suit all styles...

Why we like it:


Obviously a big plus of this armchair is the price point. It's one of the cheapest in our round-up of the best armchairs. This comes in at under £200, and you get a footstool thrown in for that too. 

On-trend Scandi style 

The shape, the colour, the pale wood all just screams Scandi, and you know how we feel about the Scandis and their interiors. This kind of style is going to fit into any existing scheme just make it your own with a throw and a cushion.

Supportive shape

The high-back means this armchair is surprisingly supportive and the curve into the arms just makes it even comfier. Obviously the overall comfort is only enhanced by the fact you get a matching footstool to pop your feet up on. 

Celine chair by Habitat

(Image credit: Habitat)

8. Habitat Celine armchair

The best cheap armchair

Dimensions: H83cm x W74cm x D73cm
Upholstery: polyester fabric
Filling: foam
Self assembly: no
Colours: pink (shown) and five others
Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Stylish colour options+Small size 
Reasons to avoid

Another cheap armchair choice here in the form of Habitat's Celine armchair...

Why we like it:

Velvet upholstery (that's affordable!!)

We love a velvet armchair, they have been on our lust list for a while now, the only thing putting us off a purchase was the price. But look at this! Here's a gorgeous velvet armchair for just £175.50. We think it looks waaay more expensive than that too. 

Foam-filled for a comfy seat 

The cushions on this armchair are foam, which if you are after a supportive seat and a chair that going to keep it's shape, this is a definite plus. 

Compact for smaller spaces

If you have a smaller living room, or on the lookout for a bedroom chair this could be perfect. It's not too bulky and the slimline, high legs will still allow light to flow around your room. 

For more budget living room design ideas, head over to our feature. 

Vitra Eames RAR Rocking Chair

(Image credit: John Lewis)

9. Vitra Eames RAR Rocking Chair

The best rocking armchair

Dimensions: H67cm x W62cm x D69cm
Upholstery: Polypropylene
Filling: N/A
Self assembly: no
Colours: white
Reasons to buy
+Iconic design +Well built
Reasons to avoid
-Not great for small spaces 

The Vitra Eames Rocking Chair is iconic, and the playful, functionality of the design feels as fresh as it did when it was introduced 60 years ago. 

Why we like it:

Iconic design

This is definitely an investment, but this shape is never going to go out of style. It could be the statement piece that you build the rest of your room around too, so you are definitely going to be getting your monies worth here.  

Well built for a comfy seat 

It's made from a moulded, recyclable polypropylene shell that's designed for every body shape. The shell is placed on a four-legged braced wire base with two wooden rockers that provide a smooth, gentle motion. 

Variety of uses  

Obviously this would work perfectly in a living room or bedroom, but we have also heard this makes for a great nursing chair! So if you are after something for the nursery that looks beautiful, but would also double up as a nursing chair than this would be a great choice. 

Cox and Cox rattan chair

(Image credit: Cox and Cox)

10. Cox and Cox Flat Rattan Wing Chair

The best rattan armchair

Dimensions: H106cm x W73cm x D73cm
Upholstery: woven natural rattan
Filling: N/A
Self assembly: no
Colours: nautral rattan
Reasons to buy
+On-trend style+
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most comfortable

We have been seeing rattan and wicker chairs all over Instagram for a while now, so if you are in the market for one check out the Flat Rattan Wing Chair from Cox and Cox...

Why we like it:

Trendy, boho vibe

Rattan furniture has been huge for the past few years. This armchair taps right into that trend and would be the perfect piece for giving your space a quick, stylish lift. We have a whole feature dedicated to boho decorating ideas so go and have a scroll through for more tips. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use 

Garden furniture might not be top of your agenda right now, but an added bonus of this armchair is that is can be used outside. We wouldn't recommend leaving it out in the rain or anything but in the summer you can pop this in garden to bring some cool casual feels to your outdoor space. 

This does, however, mean that it might not be the comfiest for indoor use but drape a faux fur throw over the back and add a couple of textured cushions, and you'll be fine. 

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