Alcohol delivery services: beer, wine and spirits delivered to your door

These no-contact alcohol delivery services will mean you can get your favourite spirits, beer and wine delivered right to your door

alcohol delivery: wine beer and cocktails
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Right now alcohol delivery services are filling the gap left when the pubs and bars had to shut. Sure, drinking at home is usually less sociable, but with a good bottle of beer and a pub quiz with your buddies on Zoom, our weekend evenings can feel a little more normal. And with barbecue season hotting up, having your favourite drinks ready to pop is all part of summer.

So where can you get alcohol delivery online? Well, luckily there are not only a wide range of places dedicated to mailing out a top selection of beers or wine, plenty of other online stores sell booze, too.

We have scouted out the best places to buy alcohol online (in the UK and US) so you can top up on everything from Aperol to Żubrówka. So, save room in your trolley on your weekly trip for essentials and give these beer, wine and spirit vendors a go.

Some have some great offers on too – scroll down to see the best places to head for speedy, and contact-free beer, wine and spirit delivery. Head to our food section to see some great recipes to pair with your buys for the ultimate night in.

As always, drink responsibly and if you feel at all unwell it is best to lay off the booze until you feel better (alcohol weakens the immune system making you more prone to picking up viruses, you know...).

The following places offer all alcohol including spirits. They are a great option if you want a few items from leading brands with the convenience of ordering from one place.

Alcohol delivery UK:

  • Amazon UK: beer, wine and spirits from top brands. Lots of choice and fast delivery
  • The Bottle Club: buy bottles and cases of beer, wine and spirits. They also do pre-mixed cocktails and snacks and currently have a Spring Sale on. Delivery is 3–5 days and free if you spend more than £100
  • John Lewis & Partners: yes, they really do sell everything, be is top Champagne, or fancy gins, grab what you need here
  • Majestic: known for their wine but they do beer and spirits, too. Delivery can take up to 14 days at the moment. Their Spring Sale includes up to 30% off Malbec and more
  • Rebellious Goods: although this service is London only they are offering one hour delivery between 12pm and 10pm. Shop for a good range of craft beer, fine wines and spirits

Alcohol delivery US:

  • Drizly: beer, wine and liquor to your door in under 60 minutes? Sounds great (and a bit dangerous...)
  • Minibar: wine, beer and liquor to your door and $5 off for new customers
  • so much more than wine, they sell spirits too, so great for stocking up

Wine delivery

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US wine delivery:

Beer delivery

UK beer delivery:

US beer delivery:

Spirits and liquor delivery

UK spirits delivery:

US liquor delivery:

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