Lindsey Davis

Lindsey Davis

Editor in Chief, Homes Ecommerce

Lindsey is Editor of and Editor in Chief for Home Ecommerce at Future. With a career in home and interiors journalism spanning the best part of a decade, she has a good mix of practical advice for any projects you might have, but also a wealth of product intel. From soft furnishings to refrigerators, she knows where to find a bargain and the brands to go for (and those to avoid). 


Lindsey has always had an interest in architecture and design – something nurtured by spending too many hours building houses on The Sims as a teen. After choosing further education choices to fulfil a career in architecture, she actually ended up studying Philosophy at university before stumbling into journalism. She started her career in children's publishing in 2010 then worked on a number of marketing and digital publishing projects, before joining the Homebuilding & Renovating team in 2013 where she cemented (no pun intended) her love of amazing home design. When she bought her own Victorian cottage the following year, she become a pro at finding the best buys for small spaces and can often be spotted rearranging her cupboards to create the ultimate storage solution. Her guilty pleasure is watching organization videos on social media – who doesn't love a satisfying restock reel? 

She isn't afraid of a renovation project either. So far she has converted her loft into a bedroom, remodelled her bathroom twice (including some gruelling attempts at tiling) and is in the middle of a kitchen redesign. She also helped her partner on a fixer upper that became far more involved than intended and can now add a 'leveling a floor' badge to her girl guide sash. One day she hopes to build her own home where space will be less of an issue – she just has to decide what style to go for.

Lindsey's home style

Lindsey loves the period features of her home, but mixes old and new for a less traditional look. She prefers a minimalist interior, but with lots of natural textures incorporated for coziness. It is no surprise that the style she is most drawn to is modern Scandinavian. 

Her most prized possession is a Greaves and Thomas egg chair she inherited from her grandmother, reupholstered in a lurid green velvet. While she wishes she could only buy Mid-century furniture and design icons, needs mean her home is furnished in a mix of high-quality, second-hand pieces and Ikea – peppered with unique pieces from local retailers and affordable high street buys.