Baked strawberries – Martha Stewart's recipe is ideal for brunch and dessert...

Strawberries are in season, and we’ve found a great breakfast recipe from Martha Stewart that makes the most of them. Ready to try it? Use these tips

strawberries on toast
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Strawberries are a treat at any time of day, but there’s something really rather special about serving them first thing, so when we discovered a breakfast strawberry recipe from Martha Stewart, known as America’s most famous homemaker, we had to test it.

Our findings? It’s a big thumbs up for this dish, which combines strawberries and goats’ cheese for a fabulously delicious plate. The strawberries are baked in the oven for a flavour boost we can vouch for, and the goats’ cheese creates a wonderfully fresh contrast to the sweetness. 

Another great way to use this recipe is with strawberries that aren't as flavoursome as you'd hoped they'd be – it will really improve their taste – and with strawberries that might be going off in the fridge because you've bought or picked too many.

Scroll down to take a look, and find out how to wash strawberries properly before you start. If you’re after more recipe ideas and cooking inspiration, it’s all there on our food hub. 

  • We found strawberry goat cheese tartine on Martha’s site – go check it out (plus all her other wonderful recipes). Below, we’re sharing the top tips from Martha's recipe that we found particularly useful – plus a few of our own.

5 top tips to make Martha Stewart’s baked strawberries

Photo by Cris DiNoto on Unsplash

(Image credit: @crisdinoto/Unsplash)

1. Yes, strawberries are sweet, but Martha amplifies this by tossing them in some maple syrup on the baking tray on which they’ll go into the oven. She adds some healthy olive oil, too, and a little salt.

2. Martha then puts the strawberries into the oven to roast for around three-quarters of an hour. Why? It concentrates the flavours, she says, and we can bear witness to the yummy results. We also like the fact that you can go off and do something else for a while, apart from popping back to stir the strawberries the two times Martha recommends.

3. The strawberries are done when they’ve shrunk a little and the juices look syrupy, Martha explains. She lets them cool somewhat before continuing with the dish.

4. Martha uses sourdough bread as a base for the baked strawberries, first toasting it and then brushing with a little oil. She layers on goats’ cheese next, and then come the strawberries. She grinds on some pepper before serving, too, and although this may sound a little odd if you haven’t tried it before, we’ve done this with fresh strawberries before, and it works a treat at really bringing out their flavour.

5. Martha keeps any leftover berries in the fridge in an airtight container. We’ve tried combining ours with Greek yoghurt for a super-easy dessert, and can recommend it heartily.

6. Cook up too many of these roasted strawberries and use them to top pancakes, waffles, even cake and ice cream or blend them into a milkshake. The possibilities are endless...