Turmerry organic latex mattress review: breathable and supportive cushioning for a great night's sleep

The Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress provides excellent pressure point prevention and cushion

Turmerry organic latex mattress in wooden bed frame
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The Turmerry organic latex mattress is available in three heights, eight sizes, and four firmness options, making it suitable for many people. It can even be paired with adjustable beds and is backed by an impressive 20-year warranty. Since it’s made of organic latex, this mattress offers excellent pressure point prevention and is very soft and comfortable. However, it may not offer the support that sleepers who are used to medium or firm mattresses might prefer.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Made of organic latex

  • +

    Available in eight sizes and four firmness options

  • +

    Perforations help with airflow

  • +

    Helps to prevent pressure points

  • +

    20-year warranty & 120-day sleep trial

  • +

    Oeko-Tex, LGA, and eco-INSTITUT certified

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Difficult to set up and move

  • -


  • -

    Lacks edge support

  • -

    Moderate smell

  • -

    Bouncy feel

  • -

    No instructions included

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Latex mattresses, like the Turmerry organic latex mattress, can be highly desirable because of their excellent cushion and overall comfort, but latex is also heavy. Often, latex mattresses can be difficult to move, especially if you have to carry them to an upstairs bedroom. 

The Turmerry organic latex mattress solves this issue by shipping the mattress as a set of four layers. Once assembled, the mattress’ weight helps to hold it in place. The mattress features a seven-zone construction to offer support to multiple areas of your body, and since it’s made of organic latex, you don’t have to worry about harmful off-gassing. 

Since this is one of the best mattresses that works with traditional bed frames as well as with adjustable beds and is available in three thicknesses and four firmnesses, it may work well for many people.

Turmerry organic latex mattress review

What I thought of the Turmerry organic latex mattress

Turmerry latex mattress

(Image credit: Future / Paige Cerulli)

 I thought that the Turmerry organic latex mattress was very comfortable and offered excellent pressure point prevention, even without one of the best mattress toppers

While it didn’t offer enough support for my personal sleeping habits, I think it would work well for many people who prefer a softer mattress. The mattress arrives as four separate layers, which is helpful because each layer weighs 23 pounds. Once assembled, it’s heavy and difficult to move, but it also securely stays in place and features a soft and well-designed cover.

The mattress’ eco-friendly manufacturing is also appealing. It’s crafted with organically grown latex and holds numerous certifications indicating its safety. Additionally, Turmerry plants a tree for every mattress ordered. 

Turmerry organic latex mattress specifications

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Turmerry organic latex mattressHeader Cell - Column 1
Type Latex
Fill Latex foam
Dimensions38” x 75” (Twin)
Thickness8-, 10-, or 12-inch
WeightApproximately 92 pounds (Twin, 12-inch)
FirmnessSoft, medium, firm, and extra firm (I tested the medium)
Sizes availableTwin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, Split Queen, Split King
CareSpot clean

Unboxing and setting up the Turmerry organic latex mattress

Turmerry latex mattress

(Image credit: Future / Paige Cerulli)

This mattress in a box arrived in three plain cardboard boxes, all of which were in excellent shape, but were surprisingly heavy, weighing over 40 pounds each. 

I tested the Twin 12-inch mattress, which is shipped as four foam layers plus a pillow and the mattress cover. Each mattress layer weighs about 23 pounds and is shipped compressed and wrapped in many layers of plastic and clear packing tape. There were no packing materials within the box, but the mattress layers were packed tightly and didn’t seem to have shifted. 

Additionally, there were no instructions included with the mattress. I was able to look them up on the Turmerry website, but having printed instructions to refer to during the assembly process would have been nice. Assembling the mattress took me half an hour.

Turmerry latex mattress

(Image credit: Future / Paige Cerulli)

The mattress cover is well-designed. It features layers of cotton and wool that give it a quality, strong feel, but it’s also very soft. The cover unzips completely, so I was able to insert the mattress layers into it surprisingly easily.

Closing the cover takes some patience, but again, the process went more smoothly than I thought it would. The top of the cover features a four-inch interior liner that you pull down to keep the zipper from snagging on the latex layers.

That said, once I had the mattress assembled, it weighed about 92 pounds. It was very difficult to adjust it on my bed. The mattress has a very soft and flexible feel, and is so heavy that I was actually starting to pull my bed frame across the floor as I moved the mattress. It would greatly benefit from a handle or two in the cover, which I think would give more grip and make it easier to move. 

The mattress also included a latex pillow. It was already in a zippered cover, so once I added a pillowcase, it was ready for use. 

While assembling the mattress, I noticed a moderate odor. This wasn’t a chemical odor but is what I would describe as reminiscent of rubber. I’m sensitive to smells, but it wasn’t enough to bother me, and I was able to sleep on the mattress the same night I unboxed it. The odor gradually dissipated over the course of a week, and by the seventh day, I could barely notice it.

Is the Turmerry organic latex mattress comfortable?

Turmerry latex mattress

(Image credit: Future / Paige Cerulli)

This organic mattress is labeled as medium firmness but it felt very soft to me. The mattress doesn’t offer a lot in terms of support, especially when compared to the feeling of a medium firmness hybrid or innerspring mattress. Given that I have some back issues, I don’t think that I could sleep comfortably on it long-term. However, anyone who prefers a softer mattress or who doesn’t necessarily depend on that support might love this mattress. 

I did notice that the mattress is excellent in preventing pressure points, and I felt none of the pressure that I often notice around my ankles, hips, or shoulders when sleeping on my side. I was able to turn over and onto my back easily during the night, and while I found that my hips dipped down a little more than is comfortable while sleeping on my back, it’s important to note that many sleepers would find this to be extra comfortable. 

The mattress does have a bouncy feel. I found that motion transfer occurred from about 30 inches away, so this may not be the best choice for couples who are light sleepers. I was able to feel my cat jump up onto and walk around on the mattress. 

In addition to not being terribly supportive, I found that the mattress significantly lacked edge support. When I sat or even pressed down with my hand on the edge of the mattress, it compressed to about half of its height. As a result, this mattress would not be an ideal choice for anyone who depends on being able to push against the edges for support when getting out of bed.

The pillow compressed easily and didn’t provide much in terms of support or height. I prefer very thin pillows, so I found this ideal. Anyone who likes a plush, supportive pillow will likely find this one too thin and too soft. 

Is the Turmerry organic latex mattress breathable and cool?

Turmerry latex mattress

(Image credit: Future / Paige Cerulli)

While I tested the mattress during the winter, I didn’t notice any additional heat buildup. All four layers feature generously sized perforations that go through the entire layer. Those perforations allow for increased air circulation. 

Is the Turmerry organic latex mattress safe?

Turmerry latex mattress

(Image credit: Future / Paige Cerulli)

 This mattress has several certifications regarding the safety of the materials used: 

The eco-INSTITUT certification confirms that the mattress has been tested and meets emissions and pollutant standards 

Cleaning the Turmerry organic latex mattress

Turmerry recommends using a waterproof mattress protector to maximize its longevity. According to Turmerry’s instructions, you should air the mattress out for a few hours once a month and should vacuum the top of the mattress every few weeks. Additionally, you should rotate the mattress from head to toe every few months. 

Turmerry notes that you can spot clean liquid spills with a mix of white distilled vinegar and water, then sprinkle baking soda over the mattress and let it rest in a ventilated area. After eight hours, you should vacuum up the baking soda and let the mattress completely dry. 

Is the Turmerry organic latex mattress right for you?

The Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress is ideal for sleepers who prefer a softer feel and who don’t need significant support. It’s excellent at helping to prevent pressure points, and I can see both back and side sleepers appreciating that quality. While the mattress is very comfortable, its lack of edge support means it’s not well-suited to anyone who depends on pushing off the mattress edge when getting out of bed. 

Since the mattress is very heavy, plan to have a couple of people to help with setup, especially if working with a Queen or King size. That weight does offer the benefit of helping to keep the mattress securely in place, but maneuvering it on the bed is difficult. However, this is a versatile mattress that can be used not only with traditional box springs but also with adjustable beds, so it can work with a variety of setups. 

The fact that the mattress is made of organic materials, including organic latex, cotton, and wool, is highly appealing. I imagine it would be a great choice for many people who are health-conscious and looking to avoid their exposure to chemicals. 

How we tested the Turmerry organic latex mattress

Turmerry sent me the Turmerry Organic Latex Mattress and I tested it in my home for several weeks. I used these criteria to guide how we test mattresses.

Unboxing: I considered the condition of the mattress and the boxes that arrived in, as well as how easily I could carry the boxes and remove the components. I also looked at the types of packaging materials used and considered whether those materials were recyclable. 

Operation: I evaluated the entire process of using the mattress, including the setup and how well I was able to sleep on it. I performed several tests, including measuring the motion transfer and evaluating the amount of edge support that the mattress offers. I paid attention to how I felt while sleeping on the mattress, including factors like whether the mattress slept hot and whether I felt any pressure points. 

Ease of use: I also tested how easily I was able to use the mattress. I considered factors like how well I could get the mattress into place and whether it moved around. 

Ease of cleaning: I also considered how easily I could clean the mattress, as well as any maintenance recommendations from Turmerry.

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