Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless 7-1/4in Compound Miter Saw review: perfect for trim and molding

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This compact and handy Ryobi Cordless Compound miter saw is perfect for all types of small scale DIY. Find out if it is to become a permanent addition to our tool collection

Brooke using the Ryobi mitre saw
(Image credit: Brooke Waite)
Real Homes Verdict

A small, compact and very easy to transport offering that is great for anyone working on projects in lots of places or outside. It might not have the capacity for large lumber, but for your average DIY projects such as flooring and trim with lots of small cuts, it is very convenient

Reasons to buy
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    Small and lightweight

  • +

    Great battery life

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  • +

    Perfect for trim and molding

  • +

    Good range of cutting angles

Reasons to avoid
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    Won't cut big lumber above 2" thickness and 10" width

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When I received this Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless 7-1/4in Compound Miter Saw to review it could not have been better timed. Currently, we’re working on renovating a farmhouse and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve worked on a project remotely that I wished I didn’t have to lug my current 50 lb. miter saw with me. This Ryobi saw is small and compact and so easy to transport.

The advantages of a cordless miter saw should be evident. No worrying about wires getting in the way and no limitations from power points. But I wanted to see if the Ryobi cordless compound miter saw was up to the task and whether it could compare to much larger fixed place models. 

Read on to see how we got on and whether it deserves an accolade as one of the best power tools you can own.

Ryobi One+ 18V cordless 7-1/4in sliding compound miter saw

(Image credit: Ryobi)

Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless 7-1/4in Compound Miter Saw specifications:

  • Bevel: 0–45º
  • Saw: 40-tooth carbide tipped blade
  • Power: 18V 9.0Ah battery (not included as standard)
  • Battery life: 800 cuts per charge
  • Features: dust bag and built-in dust collection, electric blade break stop, integrated carry handles

Who will this miter saw suit?

This saw is perfect for the DIYer, home renovator, or contractor who is working on multiple different DIY projects, especially for those in different locations. It is so light and easy to transport in any vehicle. 

For those who have limited storage and lack a permanent location for a miter saw, this saw is more compact and light. Just remove from its place of storage to set up literally anywhere.

cordless ryobi miter saw

(Image credit: Brooke Waite)

Getting started

Packed in the box, the saw arm is locked in the down position. Simply pull the lock pin to raise the arm. The first thing I did was install the carrying handles on either side of the saw using the included hex key.…. I told you this was important as this is coming in my truck with me often! It features a horizontal D-handle for comfortability in making cuts.

Using the Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless 7-1/4in Compound Miter Saw

I do quite a lot of miter cuts with my saw and changing the desired angle is easy. The miter lock handle is located at the front of the saw. Loosen the handle and squeeze the detent release lever to move freely. I liked that I could squeeze the detent lever, then release, and the saw would stop at the next positive angle on the miter scale (0, 15, 22.5, 31.6, and 45 degrees.) This makes it easy to find the exact angle amid the sawdust that will inevitably pile up. Speaking of dust, this saw features a 1-¼’ dust port to keep your work area clean. 

Making bevel cuts is simple as well. Simply unscrew the bevel lock knob at the back of the saw to move between 0 and 45 degrees and screw to secure before making your cut. 

My current Rigid miter saw does not have sliding capacity so I’m limited with the widths of wood I can cut. The Ryobi saw has a slide bar and is capable of cutting wood up to 10” in width. Just make sure that the slide bar is locked before transporting. I made that mistake and felt like the saw was slipping out of my hands.

cordless ryobi miter saw cutting wood

(Image credit: Brooke Waite)

Best features of this miter saw

The best part of this saw aside from its ease in transport is that it is completely cord free! You simply have to snap in a compatible Ryobi battery to use. I always carry at least two batteries with me plus the compact charging dock so that I’m never left with an inoperable tool due to dead batteries. 

Lastly, there is an extensive section in the owners manual regarding cutting crown molding. I don’t cut a lot of crown and base molding so I didn’t explore this capability, but if you cut quite a bit of molding I can see this being a great saw to use on location or even inside your home so that you aren’t running outside or to the garage to make a quick cut. My brother is installing cabinets in our farmhouse and is using this saw to cut trim and molding pieces inside our house and has found this portable saw so helpful! 

I found this exact saw on the shelf of my local Home Depot. It’s also available to ship from several retailers including Walmart, Ebay and Amazon. Backed by Ryobi’s three year manufacturer warranty you can’t go wrong in the purchase of this versatile saw. 

close up of cordless ryobi miter saw

(Image credit: Brooke Waite)

Is there anything this miter saw is not suited to?

With this saw being on the more compact size, the only hindrance I can foresee will be the ability to cut larger items more than 2” in thickness due to the blade size. The 7-¼” blade is perfect for smaller, more detailed cuts. My go-to lumber is 1x2’s and 2x4’s which will work great with this saw, however if you are using larger pieces of lumber (more than 10” in width) a saw with a larger blade capacity will be the better option. 

However, I’m thrilled to be able to use this small but mighty battery operated Ryobi 7-¼” miter saw in many different places and for many different jobs! I can see this being an asset to my growing power tool collection.

How does it compare to similar miter saws?

In reading reviews of this saw I noticed many reference its power and capability. At 10 amps, the Ryobi 7-¼” miter saw is capable of cutting anything that a larger miter saw can cut, such as pressure treated lumber. The only drawback is the depth at which it can cut, which larger miter saws can handle. Additionally, many loved how lightweight this saw is compared to other brands of the same saw blade length.

About this review and our reviewer

Brooke Waite is a mom of three with a passion for interior design and DIY. When she's not working on yet another DIY project, she can be found spending time with her family or reading. She tested this Ryobi cordless miter saw on a series of home DIYs to put it to the test. 

Brooke Waite

I'm a mom of three with a passion for interior design and DIY! I am currently renovating a farmhouse along with my husband and running an Airbnb in our hometown. I would define my style as loving clean lines with a good mixture of old and new. I love a modern cottage look and have been very interested in vintage pieces as of late. When I’m not spending time with my family or dreaming up another home project, I love to read, eat good food, and binge-watch crime shows on Netflix!